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49ers week in review, plus my appearance on ESPN!

I’m pretty much tapped out. It’s still over 24 hours away, and I’ve been overanalyzing the NFC Championship game so much that I’m starting to see the “Manning Face” wherever I go.

Hit the corner store for a 40 oz and some bubble gum (just kidding, it was a 6-pack), and the clerk gave me the Manning Face. Buzzer went off in my apartment and I didn’t get up in time to let the UPS guy in the building, so he had to buzz twice — total Manning Face from the UPS guy. Questioned my wife about why we’ve received shipments from Amazon and/or Betsy Johnson every day since 2012 began…

Manning Face.

You can see how this would be a problem.

In case you missed the avalanche of 49ers coverage on BASG, this post will get you up to speed. In other words, this post is the equivalent of a BASG clip show — with a little radio bonus!

I lost my voice on Saturday and never fully regained it until about Wednesday. I still went on AM 680 (ESPN 680 in Louisville, KY with Jason Anderson, not KNBR) on Monday and talked Niners for a few minutes. [audio:|titles=BASG on ESPN 680 Louisville with Jason Anderson]

This week in 49ers idolatry 

— My delirious ramblings a few hours after watching the Niners beat the Saints: “Where Alex Smith took over

— My wife compares the 49ers to the cast of Friday Night Lights (my favorite comparison: Alex Smith with Matt Saracen): “49ers vs. Saints: Just like an episode of Friday Night Lights

— My ode to the crowd at Chez Candlestick: “49ers fans loudly assume team’s new identity.”

— The most popular post of the week … by far: “49ers vs. Saints Aftermath, part 1: the final 3 TDs (en Español)

— A fantastic montage from KTVU of clips shot on the field, the Vernon Davis touchdown recreated on Tecmo Bowl and some videos I shot from LR Sec. 11, Row 7. “49ers vs. Saints aftermath, part 2: professional video, amateur video and video games

— It’s about 1,000,000 times better in person: “5 reasons why the 49ers’ coverage team’s use of ‘Tony Montana’ rules

— You knew the New York Giants were going to talk some trash. “Victor Cruz wants even more attention from the 49ers?

— My fixation with Rookie of the Year awards started with Buster Posey, and shows no sign of abating: “Aldon Smith named Defensive Rookie of the Year by PFW/PFWA – AP next?

— Where I take a huge dump on Lawrence Tynes: “49ers hold bigger special teams advantage over Giants than Saints

— Replace the word “sound” with “smell” and this post is about something waaaaay different: “49ers’ offensive x-factor should sound familiar to the Giants

— Harbaugh’s restraining order against me is only 1,000 feet, which means I can still sit in my seats on Sunday. Hooray!: “Jim Harbaugh, the media and psychology

— East coast bias (clap … clap … clapclapclap): “49ers vs. Giants: ‘experts’ predicting Giants/Patriots Super Bowl rematch

— West coast bias (clap … clap … clapclapclap): “49ers vs. Giants: BASG’s non-expert NFC Championship pick

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