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95.7’s “Lucky Break” contest: not a lucrative Game

It’s probably for the best that I listened to my gut and stayed home, instead of heading down to Pete’s Cantina on a Wednesday to enter 95.7 The Game’s “Lucky Break” contest. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, it’s a reality show-style situation where after several auditions, fan votes and other selection processes, “The Bay Area’s ONLY FM Sports Station” will give a “job” to a regular person off the street.

One problem: you’d almost have to be sleeping on the sidewalk to consider this job worth the trouble.

My friend David “Fooch” Fucillo of Niners Nation and SB Nation Bay Area tried to convince me to enter the contest, saying it could be a good promotional tool for BASG. He even volunteered to accompany me to Pete’s, where he’d drink several pints provide support and encouragement. I thought about it for a little bit, then decided against competing since I have no training or desire to be a part-time sports radio host and/or update person.

Except it was all a moot point anyway.

Individuals who have received compensation from working in the media industry are not eligible to enter or win this contest.  The media industry is defined as any radio, television, newspaper, magazine, or website.

Since I’ve received compensation from Bay Area News Group, CSN Bay Area and even this here site, I would’ve been deemed ineligible. Let’s explore what exactly I’m missing out on…

An offer of a part-time, temporary job with KGMZ as an “on-air host” for 95.7 The GAME for the remaining calendar year 2012.   Station will determine the day(s) and time(s) that winner will be heard on the radio.  Each “Show” will consist of one (1) to three (3) hours live on-air in-studio, starting no earlier than April 14, 2012. If mutually agreed to between Winner and Station, Winner may also participate in additional on-air work as called upon and offered to step in and perform fill-in hosting shifts as station needs arise.

Okay, sounds reasonable. A part-time job where the winner talks about sports on the radio. Go on…

(a) as a temporary and part-time employee, the Grand Prize Winner will NOT be entitled to participate in any employment benefits (medical, dental , 401K, etc.) otherwise generally offered to KGMZ full-time employees (except to the extent required by law)

In other words, they’re only required to provide the “winner” with enough oxygen to sustain life while working at the station. Fine, it’s not like anybody went into this expecting a retirement plan. What about all the sweet cash that’ll go to the “Lucky” winner?

(b) employee will be paid a minimum of $1000 with the maximum potential annual salary of $10,000 (less required tax withholdings) and shall in no event work more than 3 hours per week, unless additional hours are expressly agreed to in writing and in advance (in each instance) by the Vice President of Entercom California, LLC d/b/a Entercom San Francisco.

Hmmm. $10,000 is the max? It isn’t clear whether that’s the maximum one can make if they work 3 hours per week (the max allowed) for the rest of the year, or if that’s what someone can make if they “participate in additional on-air work as called upon and offered to step in and perform fill-in hosting shifts as station needs arise.”

 (c) duties will be to host a three (3) hour live on-air, in-studio show on Saturday or Sunday, as determined by station

Wonder what time this Saturday or Sunday show will take place. Hey “Lucky Break” winner, get ready to stay up late and compete against Bob Valvano, Amy Lawrence or the Giants Midnight Replay on KNBR for listeners!

If the winner started work for The Game immediately after April 14, for 3 hours per week, that would be a total of 111 hours. Or, about $90 per hour if that led to the max salary award of $10,000 for the year. Raise your hands if you think they’re going to pay out $90/hour. I’ll wait…

If 3 hours a week for the last 9.5 months of 2012 leads to the minimum salary, we’re talking about $9 per hour. Hopefully they wouldn’t be that cheap, but it’s tough to know. And after all the work done by the winner to get to that point, he or she would pretty much almost have to accept whatever “prize” The Game offers, because if he/she doesn’t, the station can just end the contest without giving any money (or airtime) to anyone.

Here’s one more thing: theoretically, one would want to do a good job if picked from this sizable pool of candidates to talk sports on the radio. So, it stands to reason that even if one was “working” for 3 hours per week, that wouldn’t take into account the hours spent preparing (no, really … some hosts actually do prep work before going on the air), which could turn out to be several more than 3 hours per week.

So here’s what The Game is looking for: people with no sports media experience and enough spare time to take part in multiple auditions over a two-month period, for a job where they’ll get a nominal fee to host an unspecified show during an unspecified time on an unspecified weekend day.

All credit due to The Game for coming up with an idea that’s created a little buzz and some cheap original content. Too bad that a closer look shows a job that almost makes a paper route look tempting by comparison.


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