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A thank you to Gary Radnich, for taking shots at ‘Sports Guy’

Just my luck, Gary Radnich decides to move on from Rich Lieberman and provide his thoughts on me and this website while I’m out of town. I flew down here to Los Angeles yesterday afternoon as the NFL Draft was beginning, and this morning I got word on text from Kyle McLorg and on Twitter from Jordan Ramirez that Radnich had some thoughts on my employment status.

Gary’s mentioned “bloggers” so many times over the past year that I’ve been tempted to keep a running tally, but that would mean listening to every minute of THE GARY RADNICH SHOW (with larry krueger), which would make it impossible to get any work done. Thing is, I work all the time. I don’t make enough to buy a Bentley, and that’s fine. Freelance writing means carving out one’s own niche, much like Radnich himself did with Sports Final on KRON years ago, a TV segment that helped pave the way for much of the free-flowing, personality-based sports content we see today.

Radnich has disdain for bloggers (or at least pretends to) because, in his mind, they’re all parasites trying to take a piece of what he has. It doesn’t help that Lieberman and Radnich have history, or when he sees BASG posts like the one that blew the lid off his buddy Tony Bruno’s Twitter scandal, or my report several months ago that a source told me how Radnich and his wife went to 95.7 “The Game” in hopes of escaping KNBR and the forced pairing with Damon Bruce (who now makes it a point to call Radnich “Gary Kardashian” at any opportunity).

You’d be hard pressed to find a bigger Radnich fan than myself during the early-to-mid 2000s. Generally I worked between 11 am and 7:30 pm, often with two weekdays off every week in lieu of Saturdays and Sundays (I was working in retail, freelancing for the CC Times on the side). Phrases like “good knowledge,” “read the room” and “you gots to get down” became part of daily conversations with friends, especially one friend in particular (Mac, you know who you are).

I don’t dislike Radnich as a person one bit, and actually I’ve been digging his show more than usual over the past few weeks, as he’s seemed more energized. I enjoy the shots he takes at bloggers, CSNBA staff, KNBR employees and whoever else he targets on any given day. I don’t know him personally, and nothing I’ve written about him is personal in nature. He could be a monster, he could be a saint — it doesn’t really matter to me, because radio performers are there to entertain (yes, I’m aware that I sound like a broken record).

Radnich bases most things on money. There’s a certain logic to that, especially when it comes to media corporations and professional sports. Back when he was starting out, Radnich broke into “the business” in Columbus, Ohio. Surely he wasn’t making incredible money during his occupational journey back to the Bay Area and KRON, but that’s what it took to nail down a high profile sports anchor position in a large market: work, work, work, hustle, hustle, hustle. I’m sure if Radnich got over the fact that people are talking about him on my blog and bringing up subjects he’s uncomfortable reading, he’d realize that, in a way, I’m doing exactly what he did.

What, I’m going to get a job with a newspaper? Or a terrestrial radio station? Or a TV network? This, this whole blogging/social media/streaming/whatever, is the future. How people consume sports information is changing by the minute, with many drifting toward increasingly specific and hyper-localized content. I don’t expect Radnich, who’s done things a certain way for decades, to understand that … even though when Ralph Barbieri gave him his shot on KNBR, sports talk shows weren’t as established or embedded in the culture as they are today.

I was both sad and happy to hear Radnich was poking fun at little old me this morning. Sad only because I missed it, and happy because as Radnich himself knows: all publicity is good publicity. I’m doing KNBR and 95.7 “The Game” a service by talking about them. So is Lieberman. The comments may get rude from time to time, but the forum we provide only gets people thinking more about these stations and personalities than they probably would otherwise. So when Radnich talks about me on his station, and hundreds if not thousands hear about my site for the first time, he’s doing me a service. Just like he did in the early-2000s, when he helped inspire me to dive further into this business than I ever thought possible.

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