Barry Zito

After Barry Zito loses, a certain prolific BASG commenter wins

Nobody predicted Barry Zito would be this bad, but a couple of you came close. Zito allowed 8 earned runs and struck out only one Anaheim Angel over 3.1 innings. It was a terrible performance, the first time Zito’s given up so many runs since July 16, 2011, when he allowed 8 earned runs over 3.2 innings in San Diego. In the process Zito’s ERA jumped from 3.61 to 4.35. Zito’s ERA was 2.98 after blanking the Cubs for 8.1 innings on June 3.

Now it’s up to Tim Lincecum to trade places with Zito again. Any day now…

So who won Tuesday’s contest?

We could focus on why Melky Cabrera (101 hits! Third place in the All-Star voting!) was still playing with an obvious limp and the Giants down 5+, but that’s no fun. Who took advantage of Zito’s ineptitude to win a new shirt from DIE HARD CO.? Here were the rules:

– In the comments, predict how many earned runs Zito will allow tonight against the Angels, along with his strikeout total for tonight’s game and how many innings he lasts.

– The two commenters who come closest to predicting Zito’s earned runs allowed total will win the shirt of their choice from DIE HARD.

– In case of a tie, the two commenters who come closest to Zito’s strikeout total will win.

– In case of a tie in both earned runs and strikeouts, the tiebreaker then becomes innings pitched.

Here were the closest two entries.

1. Eric: “2.1 innings, 7 earned runs, zero Ks”

Congratulations to Eric, who came pretty close to nailing all three categories.

2. Stan: “The reality is he gives up about 1.4 runs per inning I figure for four innings. About 6 runs?”

That’s right, the guy who comments more than anyone else (by far) was the only other person besides Eric to predict Zito would allow more than 5 earned runs. Stan didn’t guess Zito’s strikeout total, but I’ve consulted with Angela Alioto and she says that since no tiebreaker was required, Stan is indeed the second winner. 

Eric and Stan, DIE HARD CO. will be in contact with you shortly to get your prize out to you. Thanks to all for playing, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s “Rivals Week” contest!

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