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Al Davis speaks, Cody Ross signs: just another day in the Bay

Today was just another Tuesday on the surface, but it was a day to reminisce for your favorite independent Bay Area sports blogger who’s represented by a cartoon character that pretty much bears no resemblance to the person it’s supposed to. My parents will always remember where they were when JFK was shot, as a kid I’ll always remember where I was when O.J. Simpson took that white Ford Bronco on the world’s most infamous joyride, and as an adult I’ll always remember where I was whenever Al Davis held press conferences.

Last time, I was sitting in the kitchen, typing a videogame review for Gamespy when Al Davis stepped up to the podium in Alameda, and spilled his guts about Lane Kiffin via overhead projector. It was a moment I will never forget. Instead of finishing the story about MLB 2K9 or whatever game I was writing about and doing what I should have been doing all day up to that point (sending out resumes), I couldn’t stop listening.

Another thing that I’d always hear back in my freelancing days, when I spent time alternately writing videogame reviews and emailing resumes out into the employment pool (a job search tactic about as effective as if I had just printed the resumes out, folded them into paper planes and threw them out the window of my 3rd floor apartment), was the Tuesday Noon Siren. Every week that siren would go off when I was in my apartment, looking for a job, and it would remind me that I was in the same place I had been exactly a week before. It’s either a great reminder or a depressing one, depending on your mindset at the time.

Today, the siren went off during Al Davis’ tour de force press conference (The last one evah? Nahhhhh…), only this time I was at a cubicle somewhere on Market St., just after reading a story on SF Gate about the area around 6th and Market, an area I walk through twice every day. Apparently a lot of homeless people live there, and people steal things and sell drugs in the area. I was not aware of this, or that a sizable percentage of the people who socialize in the Castro aren’t heterosexual! Or, that there are very few available parking spots at any given time in my neighborhood near Alamo Square Park! Wonders never cease. Anyway, it was a perfect San Francisco, no — scratch that, Bay Area moment. Listening to a loud, meaningless siren at noon on a Tuesday while listening to Al Davis prattle on about his latest ex on the radio. It may sound ridiculous, but it’s memories like that that I’ll take to my grave.

What else happened today? Lots!

– I still haven’t seen a second of the press conference, but here’s what I heard: Davis told a PR employee that he “fucked up” after reporters started leaving early; Davis had a bandage on his head that blood soaked through (thanks to Damon Bruce for that bit of info); Davis pretended he didn’t know who Tim Kawakami was (someone should really do an “Odd Couple” type show about those two); JaMarcus Russell is a “good person” with “personal problems,” and Davis made several comments about how Tom Cable hit women when he wasn’t comparing Jason Campbell to Steve Young and John Elway. You know, standard fare.

Cody Ross ($6.3 million), Jonathan Sanchez ($4.8MM), Santiago Casilla ($1.3MM) and Ramon Ramirez ($1.65MM) all agreed to come back to the Giants without going to arbitration today, while Javier Lopez (wants $2.875MM, offered $2MM) and Andres Torres (wants $2.6MM, offered $1.8MM) might get to hear about how their valued contributions to last year’s World Series championship season weren’t THAT valuable … unless they settle first.

– Whispers among all the KNBR hosts are that the Giants reality show on Showtime will never actually come to pass. If not, Showtime is going to look pretty, pretty, pretty, bad. (Sorry, wrong premium cable channel.) The more we hear about this reality show idea, the more it sounds like it’s going to be a slightly more colorful version of Giants Magazine.

– Speaking of KNBR, I thought Ray Ratto would replace F.P. Santangelo as the host of Sportsphone 680, but Santangelo himself hinted tonight (his last night on the air) that his replacement would also be a guy who “laced ’em up.” Great, that means it’s going to be Eric Byrnes. If you would have told me this five years ago, and I might have been happy. But I can’t handle “Byrnesy” anymore. He used to seem like the guy all of us would like to be had we somehow gotten the chance to rise up the ranks and play with the A’s; in the last couple years I’ve had to change the station whenever he guest-hosted. Maybe the money changed him, maybe his money changed the way I felt about him. I just hope he realizes that it’s Tom Tolbert’s ability to relate to all the fans listening that has kept his career rolling, not how much more muscular he used to be than the audience.

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