Aaron Rowand

All the Giants and their fans can do is laugh

It’s as ridiculous as ridiculous gets, and it just keeps getting crazier. Five Giants went down before this game in one form or another — Sergio Romo and Carlos Beltran to the disabled list and Nate Schierholtz, Jeff Keppinger and Aaron Rowand coming up lame in one way or another. Rowand’s injury was the least severe … of course.

Then Jonathan Sanchez actually looked good for the first time in forever (no, he didn’t implode), and then he sprains his ankle. And, as we knew it would, this game goes to extra innings. I predicted Tuesday’s game against the Braves would go at least 13 innings, but 11 did enough damage.

Maybe it’s (Dale) Murphy’s Law. But as the Giants struggle through this Atlanta series (and the D-Backs keep winning), we’re at the stage where any kind of bad news that could possibly be announced would be met with shoulder shrugs at this point. Cody Ross contracted the Ebola Virus? Yawn. Eli Whiteside and Chris Stewart got really lost on the way to the game and somehow get locked away in a Guatemalan prison? Huh. The entire team’s infected with a strain of “Marina” chlamydia that’s resistant to all antibiotics? Figures, Pat Burrell’s on the team (foot injury, ha!).

Put it this way: life is too short. If every obstacle in front of the Giants bothers you to the point of infringing on your health or personal relationships, take a little break. The avalanche is in full effect, and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. At this rate, the Giants will be campaigning to start a brand new “Wheelchair Baseball League” by the end of August. Who knows, maybe that would increase their overall team speed.

After winning their first World Series since coming to the best coast, it was going to be a tall order to surpass 2010. And maybe that’s the bright side right now. Obviously, if the Giants were able to cruise into the playoffs with the same team as last year, at full strength with Buster Posey and all the rest, they’d be in a lot better shape. But this team, with 94 guys on the DL … if they were able to add a few guys, give this starting rotation a chance to defend the crown and they actually pulled it off? It’s the only way the Giants could possibly take the happiness and energy last year’s championship created and actually surpass it.

Another reason to be optimistic: we’re all addicted to transactions, and there are going to be A LOT of moves in the near future. Guys are going to be coming up from the minors, the waiver wire is going to be utilized, the Giants will be making moves every other hour. At least it will seem that way.

And for everyone who wanted Brandon Belt to play every night? We’ve got our wish. At least until the Giants trade for Johnny Damon and/or Coco Crisp.

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