Amare Stoudemire

Amare Stoudemire will “be a Warriors”

OK, I’m not really sure if Monta Ellis’ infamous “I’m a Warriors. I’ll always be a Warriors.” quote will also ring true for Amare Stoudemire. But let’s say I’d be shocked, floored, flummoxed even, if it didn’t happen. One thing I know about NBA GM’s is they get really annoyed at false rumors. They’ll say stuff like, “We’ve never even talked to that team,” or “That’s what you get when people just throw whatever they want on the Internet,” of “Step away from me, media boy. I will shank you.”

We’re getting a whole lot of non-committal doublespeak from Larry Riley and the Warriors right now, and this “Stoudemire for some combination of Andris Biedrins, Brandan Wright, Marco Belinelli and/or Stephen Curry” trade is the worst-kept secret in sports right now. Well, besides the fact that Don Nelson is 100% in charge of all player personnel matters for the Warriors.

But I’ve already had my say on Stoudemire several times:

  • In my NBA Draft live blog from last night (which thankfully ended after almost four hours when Patty Mills got chosen with the No. 55 pick), I gave my initial impressions on the trade (if it happens, of course). (NBA Draft Live Blog…sort of)

But enough from me on this issue, what does everyone else think about this trade?

  • Curry is who the Suns want, but the Warriors want him too. For Curry, going to the Warriors was “his worst-case scenario.” Nice to hear it, Stephen. Wait till you hear how much rent is around these parts. You’re going to have to dip into some of that Davidson money just to put an advance down on your Lake Merritt apartment. (Coro’s Suns Dish)
  • Trading for Stoudemire would make the Warriors fun to watch and more marketable, but is hardly a fundamentally sound plan for long-term success. Getting rid of Biedrins’ help defense would hurt too, even though as a one-on-one defender he’s less than stellar. (Fast Break)
  • Tim Kawakami says the Warriors have already had a chance to talk to Stoudemire about a possible contract extension should he join the team, and were unable to come to an agreement. That’s important, because along with who ends up with Curry, one of the trickier parts of this trade is how intertwined Stoudemire’s injury situation and contract demands are. (Talking Points)One thing that should worry Warrior fans is how Suns fans are overwhelmingly in favor of making this trade. Also, reading the comments section here really reinforces that Amare’s nickname is “Stat.” That might not always be a good thing, unless you only care about fantasy basketball. Also, Suns fans don’t just think Steve Kerr’s a crappy GM, they also believe him to be a liar. (Bright Side Of The Sun)

    MT II says he spoke to a Warriors insider who says Larry Riley Don Nelson is ready to walk away from the deal if the Suns insist on getting Curry. (Inside the Warriors)

  • Ken Berger writes that he hears the deal probably won’t happen, but not because of Curry. The sticking point? Stoudemire’s ability to terminate his contract after next season. (CBS Sports)
  • Marc Stein pretty much says what we’re all thinking: the Warriors and Suns won’t complete the deal until they figure out whether to include Curry and the Warriors are confident that Stoudemire’s healthy and won’t bolt in the summer of 2010, but both sides are motivated to make this trade. (ESPN)
  • Amare “jokingly” tweets what team he really wants to go to. Good grief. Have fun with him, Warrior fans. (Ball Don’t Lie)
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