Angel Pagan

Angel Pagan gets up to speed (he’s a pretty good interview, too)

Prediction: Angel Pagan is going to earn a lot of fans in a very short time. It might not happen at first, but once he hits his stride the crowds will follow and adulation will come. That’s similar to how he runs — at least according to the man himself, who hit a double and an impressive triple to deep left-center where he seemed to pick up speed as he rounded the bases.

“That’s how I run. I don’t run as fast starting from home plate but when I go around second that’s when I turn it around a little bit,” Pagan said.

Pagan showed off his speed in the field as well, sprinting and diving to his right to catch a sinking line drive early in Tuesday’s game and almost coming down with a Willie Mays-style catch (pictured). He came up a little short on that play, leading Pagan to say he thought there must have been a hole in his glove.

Pagan spoke about that and more in the interview below. Character concerns have popped up here and there in regards to Pagan’s time with the New York Mets, including once in 2011 when he was unhappy that the Mets put him on the DL due to an oblique injury. Then again, perhaps those so-called character issues were the product of an intelligent athlete speaking his mind in New York, because my first impression was that Pagan is an affable guy with interesting things to say. We’ll have at least one season to determine Pagan’s attitude, but it’s certainly difficult to find fault with him after his performance in Tuesday’s game both on the field and in this interview.
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