Angel Villalona

Angel Villalona fits in perfectly around here

Just another day in the neighborhood, where Hall-of-Fame linebackers who look like they could still play get bullied by little bald sportswriters named Lowell.

— Angel Villalona not only paid off the family of the guy he killed in the Dominican Republic, it’s rumored that it took all of $150,000. The guy made a $2.1 million signing bonus. Prosecutor Jose Antonio Polanco maintained that they’d still go at Villalona with all they had, because it’s “a case of public policy.” Good luck with that. Doubtful that the club where he shot the guy had videocameras installed, and Anvil can pay off any witnesses with his San Jose Giants per diem money.

Juan Uribe also shot a couple guys (neither died) and paid them off (only $25K this time) while getting ready to play winter ball in the Dominican in 2006. Ladies and gentlemen, THE GIANTS WAY!!!

— While the Giants don’t show much plate discipline, at least they know not to shoot people in industrialized nations. You can’t teach that.

Stephen Jackson’s agent went off on Don Nelson last night after the Warriors lost 120-107 to the Kings, saying Nellie has no idea what he’s doing. The guy’s right. Nellie’s two top scorers last night were Jackson (21) and Corey Maggette (20). Now that’s a recipe for winning. All Nelson needs to do is sign Michael Robinson to play point guard after the Niners’ season ends and tell him to do nothing but drive down the middle of the lane, run into people and fall down.

— I’m finally cutting the cord on Josh Morgan. Letting up on a breakaway touchdown and getting tackled at the 4 is one thing. Completely unnecessary and obvious celebration penalties are another. Then he started dropping passes and caused one of Alex Smith’s interceptions yesterday because he didn’t feel like going forward to catch the pass. It wasn’t as bad as Stephen Jackson letting a pass fly by because he doesn’t want to move in front of the 3-point line, but yesterday’s performance was close. Now, why was Jason Hill grounded for the first half of the season again?

— Now that Larry Johnson’s available, how about getting him in the silver and black? It would be perfect, he’d be able to stick it to the Raiders’ AFC West rivals and he’d fit right in with their corporate culture. All they’d need is for Chris Brown to sing the National Anthem before every game, trade Nnamdi Asomugha to the Chargers for Shawn Merriman and toss female blow-up dolls and mannequins into the Black Hole every Sunday for the Nation to destroy. I can picture it now, with Angel free as the hawk and the eagle, free to watch the game up with Al Davis in his luxury suite.

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