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X-Mas notes: Davis throws parting shot at Roman, how Scutaro and Gore are similar, Lakers win to spite Kobe

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I just started shopping for presents two days ago, which must mean Christmas is tomorrow! So let’s take a few things that I probably could’ve stretched into full-length posts, and wrap them all in a nice bow.

— The power of job security:

Apparently it’s not just 49ers fans and the GM’s daughter who won’t shed a tear when Roman leaves.

— That wasn’t the first time that Davis has treated Twitter like HBO’s 24/7, shining a light on less sensitive things his coaches have uttered. He let the world know what happened right after suffering a concussion that kept him out for multiple weeks.

If only Davis was as good in pass protection in 2014 as he was at passive aggression.

— I see it all over the place — Twitter, comment boards, Facebook, Friendster, MySpace, Petfinder, eHarmony — there’s a sizable contingent of 49ers fans who think Harbaugh will be back next season.

“As long as it’s handled correctly, I think the University of Michigan, in reaching out, did handle it correctly,” Baalke said Monday during his weekly appearance on 95.7 The Game, acknowledging for the first time that Michigan has made official contact in pursuing Harbaugh. Baalke was asked if college programs should be allowed to “tamper” with NFL coaches.

That’s GM-speak for “anybody but the Raiders.” It’s not exactly surprising, but it feels strange (and says quite a bit) when Baalke sounds almost happy with Michigan’s interest, as well as the Wolverines’ methods of openly flirting with someone who is technically still a 49ers employee. You could say this about a bunch of things the 49ers have done lately (including tweets from Davis, Bam and York, Jed), but comments of this nature simply don’t happen when a team plans on having the head coach stick around much longer than one or two more weeks.

— The Giants made public what we all knew in the back of our minds: Marco Scutaro’s baseball career is over. OK, that’s not official, but with Scutaro having back fusion surgery two days ago, followed by four to six months “before baseball can be considered” … yeah, he’s done.

— The Scutaro deal (three years, $20 million) was done partly out of necessity (the Giants didn’t have a second baseman) and partly because fans went from “Oh yeah, that dude who used to play for the A’s and a bunch of other teams” to “OMG WE LOVE THAT GUY” in record time. The Giants had the money, and they knew the fans would’ve squawked if Scutaro went to the Cardinals.

— Speaking of feel-good signings, Baalke told Matt Maiocco that the 49ers “sure hope” Frank Gore will be back next year. I wonder how much this has to do with everyone and their Glazer knowing that Harbaugh is out the door within two days of the game clock hitting 0:00 at around 4:40 pm on Sunday at Levi’s Stadium. After all, most 49ers fans who don’t think Harbaugh will be back are angry that he’s on his way out. Harbaugh and Gore leaving at the same time? Yikes.

— Steve Young got a lot of grief for doing this:



But after seeing Young look like the whitest man alive during his playing days (Remember his attempt at a celebratory end zone dance?), I thought this came off smooth … comparatively speaking, anyway.

— Congratulations to the Lakers, who made clear what we all knew: they absolutely hate playing with Kobe Bryant. The remaining Lakers were in “ding dong, the witch is dead” mode without Bryant (who’s probably about as popular in the locker room as the Indians’ owner was in “Major League”) last night, nailing threes and dunking on the Warriors throughout the first three quarters of Golden State’s fourth loss of the season.

— It was a good bad loss for the Warriors, who haven’t had a loss that bad in several months. They went into that game with the attitude that they could throw any pass, attempt any shot and shuffle slowly on any defensive rotation and still kill the lowly Lakers. The Clippers should have their full attention tomorrow night. And speaking of that, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all of you. Next time I’ll write something, it will probably be about tomorrow night’s game. That is, unless something crazy happens between now and then. (Or, and this is more likely, my first Christmas with a newborn knocks me out early and I fail to write anything about the basketball game.)

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