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When the going gets tough, the Huff gets going (on a permanent vacation): Aubrey Huff quits 95.7 The Game’s morning show

If you had “a little over four months” in your “how long will Aubrey Huff last as a morning show host” office pool, collect your winnings.

Huff went on 95.7 The Game’s morning show today and let everyone know he’s leaving.

Bucher Towny Huff“I’ve been talking to Jason Barrett. It’s just something, I feel like right now at this time, there are other things I want to pursue. With this schedule, this show and everything, I’m not able to do that. We’ve made an agreement to where I can come back and do the show every now and then. I can come in and do a couple hits here now and then, I think Tuesdays and Thursdays is what I’ve been told,” Huff said.

“It’s the best of both worlds. I get a little bit more freedom … I just think it got to the point where the things I want to pursue I just wasn’t able to do with the schedule I had. Guys, I’m going to be completely honest with you. I’ve had a schedule my whole life. I think when I took this job I wasn’t really aware I was getting myself right back into a schedule again. It just kind of got to me after a little bit. I just wanted a little freedom after all the years of baseball, and baseball, and having to be somewhere at some point. This kind of had me doing the same thing. This gives me a little bit more freedom to be able to go out and do some things that have come to my attention.”

Poor Huff, having to deal with a schedule. It must have been so taxing, playing baseball seven months out of the year — doubly awful when the Giants made the postseason those two years and cut into Huff’s freedom time.

Huff thinks he’s too big-time to come in every day and not be the star, and he didn’t dig coming in early either. Management (Barrett, I’m assuming) said he either had to deal with the grind or quit. He quit, of course.

Huff faced a lot of criticism from Giants fans after the 2010 World Series. Early in the second season of a two-year, $20,000,000 contract, he was hitting .182 after going 0-for-4 on April 21. Since he performed worse than a replacement level player in 2011, every lineup with his name listed drew groans.

So he left. He didn’t text or call anyone, he simply flew to Florida and was placed on the 15-day disabled list. The Giants cited anxiety as the reason.

He was struggling to perform at a suitable level, the fans let him know, and he took a mental break.

Huff referenced all the bashing he took on Twitter — and it’s true, he did receive his fair share.

That pretty much says it all. Huff was on “vacation” for most of August after finding out that the listening public doesn’t welcome ex-ballplayers to the airwaves with open arms unless you’re actually, well, a good broadcaster who puts in the time.

He made $57,825,001 in his major league career. If it was easy-breezy, no problem. A daily grind with an early wakeup call and fans throwing Twitter barbs? See ya.

It didn’t sound like Ric Bucher was too upset about Huff’s departure. After Huff’s hey, I’m so glad to be leaving this full-time drudgery while still coming on twice a week or whatever monologue concluded, Bucher said. “Enough about you,” then laughed and said, “No, the sentiment is shared.” Then he asked some question about Buster Posey. Bucher himself sounds like he won’t be around too much longer either, so expecting him to get weepy over a brief partnership that featured a lot of off time for the Huffster was probably silly.

Chris Townsend said even less. He’ll probably have a new co-host (and possibly a new time slot) as early as next week.

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