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BASG contributor’s mother is fighting cancer, and his family needs our help


James Arcellana (also known as @RaidersReporter on Twitter) didn’t say a word to me about this, but after seeing Ruthless Sports Guy post this on Facebook, I wanted to help in any way I could.

James recently set up a gofundme.com page titled “Bill for mom’s cancer treatment.” Here’s the situation his family is facing, in his words:

After two years of being mis-diagnosed by Kaiser, my mother was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer two days before Christmas 2013. The ensuing battle for her life has been hard and only made worse by Kaiser denying her coverage, stating she received medical treatment she did not need.

But the reason she received treatment she “did not need” was because of the mis-diagnosis. Every treatment they are now denying coverage for was prescribed for her by her doctor.

Her med bills that are covered are hard enough to keep up with, let alone these extra bills. We are fighting the charges but have been denied at every step so far and are being harassed by debt collectors on a daily basis. Any help, even a dollar or two would make a world of a difference to my family.

James is a great guy and a valued contributor to BASG, and he and his family need all the help we can provide. Here’s an example of his character: on more than one occasion, James — easily the most prolific contributor on staff — has apologized to me for not being able to write quite as often as usual after his mom was admitted the hospital.

I’ve always been struck by that, and I’m hopeful that several readers will follow me in donating to this cause. Through last night they had raised over $3,400, about a third of the way to their goal. It’s really easy, just follow this link and you can give any amount you wish via credit card. Any little bit you can spare helps. Thank you.

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