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Best Giants Halloween Costume Ever

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. I love thinking of fun ideas that haven’t been thought of before. Although in 2008, I’ll admit that I dressed up as Sarah Palin. But out of all the Sarah Palins that year, I had by far, the best impression. You betcha, I was a True American seeing Putin from my backyard…Maverick!

So in keeping with trying to go for an original Halloween costume, when BASG started throwing around the idea of being Brian Wilson this year, being his wife, I started brainstorming for a good complementary costume.

I came up with what I think is an amazing Halloween costume idea and very original. Unfortunately, the idea I came up with has been given the big VETO from BASG. I personally think he’s being a little dramatic, but I’ll let you judge for yourself. Here is how our conversation went:

SGL (with much sweetness in her voice): So sweetie, I was thinking for Halloween. You know how most costumes are around the idea of Sexy fill-in-the-blank of whatever the girl decides to be?

BASG (sounding intrigued): Yeah…

SGL (still very innocent sounding): Well, I was thinking of Tim Lincecum…

BASG (a little confused with an edge of defensiveness): Yeah, well what about him?

SGL (trying not to laugh): I think it could be a really fun costume for me to take that idea of sexy fill-in-the-blank, with a Giants spin, and be Sexy Tim Lincecum!

BASG (shocked and grossed out): WHAT?!?! You’re joking, right?

SGL (surprised): No, I think it would be really funny. I could wear a Giants uniform and a funny Timmy wig with a high socks and maybe a skirt…

BASG (interrupting): No. No, absolutely not.

SGL (determined): Why not? Okay, fine. What if I’m like his twin sister – Timmera Lincecum. Is that any better?

BASG (still grossed out): No. It’s worse. I’m sorry, you can’t do that to the Giants. You can’t do that to Timmy. I won’t ever be able to look at you the same way again. No, that’s just really awful.

SGL (stubbornly): Mreh! (what I say when the issue is not over, but I don’t have a response in that moment)

Still determined to prove BASG wrong, I started polling people on my brilliant/funny/amazing Halloween costume idea of Sexy Tim Lincecum. For the most part, all the guys agreed with BASG, with the exception of a few guys at work who are prone to trouble-making. Most of the girls I polled thought it was an awesome idea, especially my sister-in-law, Meg Marlin.

When broaching the subject with Meg Marlin, she not only supported my efforts to be Sexy Tim Lincecum, she’s decided to join forces with me and be “Busty Posey.” If BASG didn’t think it could get any worse than Sexy Tim Lincecum, his sister has now decided to be Lincecum’s battery mate.

Even thought the Giants’ dreams of the playoffs are over, their Orange October presence will not be lost this year – especially with Sexy Tim Lincecum and Busty Posey roaming the SF party scene together (shh…don’t tell BASG!).


Sports Girl Liz is wife to BASG and occasional contributor to the site. She is a Giants, 49ers and Warriors fan but has a special place in her heart for the Washington Huskies. You can follow her on Twitter @SportsGirlLiz

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