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Boston Better Get Right on the Road, or Detroit’s Winning the East

We’re starting this post live (but the game’s 20 minutes delayed on DVR) at Will and Karen’s apartment next door for Celtics/Hawks, Game 7!

There are two huge Celtics fans here, Will and Greg (Plug alert: if you want to either find a great pizza place or review one, you have to check out Greg’s website: I watched the Super Bowl with both of them, and you better believe I’ll run back to my apartment if the Celtics somehow lose this game, just like I did when the Patriots went 18-1.

That’s not going to happen though, unless they force the Celtics to play at a one-man disadvantage. I can’t believe this series has gone this far though; seven game series against a team that went under .500 in the East?

I’d be tempted to say this series is just 2008’s version of the Mavericks and Warriors, but the Celtics are a much better team than the Mavs were last year, as their vise-grip defense is showing today. Even though they seem like a one-man team, I am not so sure anymore that the Celts are going to steamroll Cleveland in Round Two. I still think they’ll beat the LeBrons since not only do the Celtics have home court advantage, but Cleveland’s fans are far from the most intimidating in the league.

Detroit though, that’s another story. If they can steal one game in Boston, they’ll probably win the series. If the Celtics can’t handle the chaos of playing in the ATL, which is pretty much universally regarded as the worst sports town in the country, how are they going to deal with playing at the Palace?

If Atlanta’s bandwagon jumping fans mess with Boston’s concentration, they’re going to have a real tough time with “DE-TROIT … BAS-KET-BALL!” God, I wish they could get that Detroit PA announcer to shut up.

(Live Update!:  Marvin Williams just horse-collared Rajon Rondo, causing all of us to yell, “WHOOOAAAA” at the same time. Williams just got ejected, and Rondo looks fine. We just watched the replay roughly 23 times. Gotta love DVR. ABC just showed a replay of Boston’s bench after the Rondo takedown, and James Posey took one step onto the court before catching himself and stepping back behind the sideline. If the NBA suspended Amare Stoudemire for taking three steps and turning around last year when Robert Horry slammed Steve Nash into the scorer’s table, what’s the difference here?)

Man, now the Celtics are doubling up the Hawks, 68-34. The Boston fans in this apartment are pretty gleeful right now.

Paul Pierce Would Make a Good President if not for his Gang Affiliaton

-I know I’m slow on noticing this, but when did the Hawks decide their logo should look like the one used by the Arizona and/or Louisville Cardinals?

-A sign Celtics fans are a little confused sometimes: Paul Pierce got the “MVP” chant while shooting free throws today in the third quarter. If Kobe is Obama, Chris Paul is McCain and KG is Hillary when it comes to the MVP race, does that make Pierce Ralph Nader, or maybe Dennis Kucinich?

-I did love watching former second-round pick Leon Powe play so well today (12 points, 4 rebounds), showing some of the ball handling and touch around the basket I first saw when he was 17 at the Kezar Pro Am. Think the Warriors could have used him this year?

-SGL point of the week: When Kobe called Denver a “home away from home,” when he was talking to Craig Sager after the first half in Game 4, was that because he spent so much time in Colorado a few years ago?

-If nobody watches ABC’s “Cashmere Mafia,” does it make a sound?

-I’m falling in love with the Giants bullpen. Sure, Brian Wilson coughed up a homer to lose on Friday in Philadelphia, but he came in the very next day and got the save, after some amazing work (again) by Jack Taschner.

-Freddy Lewis isn’t just hitting .324, he has 5 steals, 3 HR’s and leads the team with 14 walks. And if Dave Roberts was healthy, he’d probably have about half as many at-bats. Roberts’ knee injury was the best injury in the Bay Area since Alex Smith’s shoulder surgery allowed Shaun Hill to show his stuff last year (Zing!).

-Put the Giants love on hold, they just lost 6-5 to the Phillies in part to multiple errors by Eugenio Velez…I still don’t care, I’d rather watch him lose 10 more games this year than watch Ray Durham sleepwalk his way through another one.

-Kobe’s already got 20 points (6:30 to go in the 2nd quarter now … this post has been written during a morning full of French toast, bacon, and Bloody Mary’s, in case you were wondering). If he doesn’t hit 50 points at least once this series against the Jazz, it will be an upset along the lines of Michael Strahan not working for ESPN after his NFL career is over.

-Yesterday after work SGL gave me a gift I almost purchased for myself before seeing her: a new AM/FM Walkman! So when I went running this morning through the Golden Gate Park Panhandle in preparation for basketball, breakfast and eye-openers, I got to hear Mychael Urban on the Giants pregame show ask Dave Fleming about serving as the Assistant GM for the Single-A Visalia Oaks a few years ago. My name is the BA Sports Guy, and I am a KNBRaholic.

-Speaking of radio, my buddy (and prior Guest Sports Guy) Francis is actually a morning radio host for KRAB radio in Bakersfield, a station we could probably use here in The City. There’s no way Francis isn’t funnier on a daily basis than Sarah or No Name. Anyway, he has a fantasy baseball Q&A with yours truly that will be up shortly on his page. Be sure to check it out!



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