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Brandon Jacobs on fitting in and his quest to lose 10 lbs (video)

One of the San Francisco 49ers players who talked to the media yesterday in Santa Clara was Brandon Jacobs. Even at 6’4″ Jacobs may not have been the tallest player who spoke with everyone since Colin Kaepernick also made himself available, but he was easily the most talkative.

Jacobs has a brash side (just ask Rex Ryan), but that wasn’t on display yesterday afternoon. That doesn’t mean he turned down the personality, as Jacobs talked quite a bit on a variety of subjects ranging from his hometown to his weight and conditioning, all while holding a gigantic playbook in his left hand.

Not that I was an expert on Jacobs going in, but I was surprised to hear how little he played football as a kid.

“I didn’t like it,” Jacobs said. “I didn’t play consistently. I played my ninth grade year. I quit, didn’t go back out my sophomore year. Played my junior and senior year, tried to get a scholarship and I got one.”

It’s an 8-minute interview, so I went through and noted what he talked about at different times and selected a quote or two from each segment (so what you see below isn’t a full transcript). Then again, you could just watch the video.

Beginning — To break the silence I asked Jacobs about the gray Giants hat he was wearing — San Francisco Giants, not New York.

“It’s a new purchase for me, I bought two of ’em. It’s just something to try to fit in with everybody else in the area,” said Jacobs, who then added that his “true team” is actually the Atlanta Braves.

0:30 — What’s Jacobs’ comfort level on his new team?

“I’m leaving the nervous factor, and getting to the fun factor.”

1:00 — At his height, didn’t Jacobs stick out while growing up in Napoleonville, LA?

“We’ve got a lot of big people. We breed them big because we eat everything. EVERYTHING. If it walks, we eat it.”

2:00 — How did a guy as tall as Jacobs become a running back?

“When I was 11, they told me to run left,” he said. “They told me to shuffle left and they’d pitch me the ball, and I took it 80 yards. From there I said, ‘This is easy.'”

3:40 — What’s it like to play with Frank Gore?

“It’s knowledge. He knows a lot about the game. He’s teaching me a lot about this offense. Football’s the same everywhere. Terminology’s different … EVERYWHERE. Just getting the terminology. Not a better person than Frank to learn it from.”

4:15 — How has his training regimen changed since the Super Bowl win with the Giants, including doing squats for the first time?

“I train probably 10 times harder than what I’ve ever trained,” Jacobs said. “I’m trying to get my body the way it used to be, strengthen my legs, because I think that was the weak point in me the last couple of years. My legs weren’t as strong, my balance wasn’t as good as it needed to be.”

4:45 — Weight?

“I want to lose a little bit, I want to play in the (2)50’s for the first time, basically, in my career,” said Jacobs. “I can deliver a little bit more of a punch if I’m lighter.”

5:45 — What has “football school” been like with the 49ers?

“There’s a lot of hard work here … they make it a lot of fun for you to do it.”

6:30 — How are you planning on losing weight?

“I’m chopping down the carbs. Eating basically, the type of food I really want to eat is meat. Stuff like that. Just cutting the potatoes out and a lot of the nasty junk. That’s it. That’s what sticks to your bones.”

“I want to probably lose another 10 pounds,” said Jacobs, who estimated his current weight at around 266 or 267.

7:15 — When was the last time your weight was that low?

“College, maybe. Because I remember my coach telling me, ‘If you get up to 260, we’re going to move you to defensive end.'”

7:40 — What did you top out at?

“285 at one point. That was after the first Super Bowl, where I just relaxed, ate, took trips, had fun. My wife and I, and my son, we just traveled and did a whole bunch of things.”

“I got down where I needed to be in three weeks. It wasn’t that bad. I wasn’t really meant to be that big. I’d still look like this, though. Which is a good thing for me, I could be 280 and still look great like this.”
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