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Brian Wilson speaks about rehab and recovery (video)

It’s been a little under a month since Brian Wilson underwent Tommy John surgery for the second time, and he answered questions  in the clubhouse this afternoon. It was a fairly disjointed interview, with questions bouncing back and forth from his health to how his role has changed to how he’s been filling his spare time.

So I went through the video and chopped it up into three different sections: rehab and recovery, his thoughts on the team and baseball, and off-the-field ridiculousness. It takes about a half hour to edit and save a mini-movie, so I’ll be posting different portions of Wilson’s 20-minute media session throughout the evening.

This one is about rehab and recovery.

I asked one question during the session (about 3:35 into the video below), one relating to a post Scott Warfe wrote for this very site about the increased recovery time one faces after a second Tommy John procedure compared to the first. According to Warfe’s findings, the average recovery time stretches from about 12 to 18 months after the second time you “get a new arm,” in Wilson’s words.

From what Wilson said it doesn’t seem like he’s too interested in anyone or anything that tells him he won’t be back as the Giants’ closer on Opening Day 2013. We’ll see how that goes. Here’s video of Wilson talking about the rehab process, his expectations and the importance of staying positive. I included the transcript of my question and Wilson’s answer afterward.

BASG: Have the doctors told you that recovery time could be longer after the second Tommy John?

Wilson: Oh yeah, of course. They have to tell you those things because let’s say you come back and it had taken you two years and you’re like, ‘Hey doc, what happened?’ They’re liable for their words. Most doctors will find the happy median between the longest and shortest and just give you some roundabout estimation between. 10 months to two years, which is a long period of time in between there. But it’s all what you eat, it’s all hard work, a lot of it is just hoping your body reacts well.

Then Jaymee Sire followed up with a good question.

Sire: Have you reached out at all to any of the guys who have had multiple Tommy John surgeries?

Wilson: I did a lot of research and it wasn’t fun to research it. Let’s just say I’d like to be one of the only guys to come back from it. And I will.



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