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Bruce Bochy on Jonathan Sanchez’s ankle and pitching BP to Pat Burrell (video)

Way more crowded in the dugout this afternoon for Bruce Bochy’s pregame interview session than last time I was here (Wednesday vs. the Padres). Bochy was about five minutes later to today’s Q&A than his regularly scheduled time of 4:30, because he was busy showing off his skills on the mound. Bochy looks fired up today. And yes, that’s relatively speaking.

Seeing Bochy do anything more than lean against the batting cage before games should be considered “hyper Bochy,” which isn’t to be confused with “hyphy Bochy,” which refers to the times when he ghostrides his Toyota Avalon. Okay, I admit I have no idea if Bochy really drives an Avalon (he may drive a Buick LeSabre for all I know), but it seems like a Bochy kind of car.

Bochy came out of the clubhouse around 3:45 and played catch with Hensley Meulens, then pitched BP to Pat Burrell, Pablo Sandoval and Brandon Belt. He called out situations before each pitch. Bases loaded, no outs, 0-0 count — that kind of thing. Bochy’s so stiff from years of catching that it’s always funny to watch him throw the ball, mostly because with his creaky motion he looks more like one of the team dads on a Little League team than a big league coach or manager, but he’s got a decent BP arm. He bragged about it in this video below, while answering a question on the status of Burrell.

And for the ladies, here’s a short clip of Burrell taking a few cuts. You can’t tell from the video, but Burrell made solid contact off Bochy (when he wasn’t taking a pitch that was too high).

Bochy also clarified the comments he made about Jonathan Sanchez on Saturday, when he wondered aloud whether he’d be back this season. Today Bochy said, “I don’t think we’re ever going to look at shutting him down.” If he’s able to start throwing anytime soon, it’s hard to imagine he’ll be back in the rotation after Eric Surkamp’s impressive debut on Saturday. “We need Johnny and we’d love to have him back,” Bochy said. “Starting or helping us in the pen, wherever he can. He would be important for this staff.”

Sanchez spoke to Manolo Hernandez in the clubhouse, and had this to say:



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