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Bruno tweets he’s going on with Radnich, KNBR goes with Ned Colletti instead

Another day, another awkward sequence takes place between 9 and noon on KNBR 680. Last night, @TonyBrunoShow tweeted an announcement that excited several fans of the half-hour daily segment Tony Bruno used to do with Gary Radnich on KNBR for so many years.



That wasn’t the only social media noise “Into the Night” made last night. Bruno’s soon-to-be-former partner Robin “Miss Robin” Austin had a lot to say on Facebook, including this comment found on the “Best Half Hour on Radio” page on Facebook (thanks to @MylesInSF for the heads-up):



You’d think Bruno’s staff would have learned their lesson about long, defensive Facebook posts by now. Anyway, either Bruno had bad information or KNBR got cold feet, but when Radnich and Larry Krueger opened up their show, the only guests mentioned were Matt Barrows on the 49ers and Los Angeles Dodgers GM Ned Colletti at 11 am, the same time @TonyBrunoShow said he’d be on for a reunion of sorts.

After Radnich and Larry Krueger went over Friday morning’s itinerary, it sounded strange that KNBR would give Bruno the heave-ho in terms of employment, invite him back for one last hurrah, then stand him up for Colletti. Since Bruno’s nationally syndicated show is wrapping up and soon he’ll only be able to be heard over the air in Philadelphia, it seemed like a nice way for fans of the Bruno/Radnich segment to get a little closure. Was Bruno going to be a surprise guest?

But after Colletti’s interview, Radnich mentioned how Bruno tweeted he’d be on KNBR that day, but unfortunately it wasn’t possible with Colletti coming on. Radnich also said they’ll work something out later with Bruno. Sorry for the lack of a real quote here, but there’s no podcast of the show and I didn’t have my recorder handy because recording radio shows would technically make me mentally ill. However, Radnich also responded (to an email?) by asking a rhetorical question (paraphrased): what do you expect me to do, walk out?

Bruno’s last word on the subject (as of now, anyway):

If KNBR did tell Bruno he’d be on and someone had second thoughts, they’ve done what “Miss Robin” couldn’t do if she spent the rest of her life on Facebook: make Bruno a sympathetic figure. Radnich can’t be happy, even though Colletti’s a good radio guest and having him on allowed Radnich to joke several times about Colletti’s appearances with Krueger on Sportsphone 680 back when he was Brian Sabean’s assistant.

There was quite a response to the announcement that Bruno and Radnich would riff off each other one more time from many fans of the segment, so expect KNBR to remedy the situation sometime in the next week or two. After all, Radnich distanced himself from Bruno’s deleted tweet after it happened, but he stuck up for Bruno’s character and seemed none too happy that the segment was axed. But who knows — if there’s somebody at Cumulus who doesn’t want Bruno anywhere near the 680 airwaves, we may not hear Radnich and Bruno together for quite some time, if ever.

Couple notes, including more radio stuff…

— I’ve been checking out 95.7 lately, and while I think it takes several weeks for an audience to get used to new radio hosts or shows, my early verdict is that it’s nice to have a little sports talk radio competition. None of the shows have grabbed me yet to the point where any of them are appointment listening, but like I said, it’s early.

The Rise Guys seem to do a solid job in the hour or two I’ve listened (again, this is a very limited sample size I’m pulling from), including a pretty funny moment yesterday morning when Eric Davis phoned in and chastised Dan Dibley for saying Cal Ripken’s consecutive games streak was more impressive than Brett Favre’s. Davis is surprisingly good overall, and while he isn’t an expert on baseball, he’s got some personality and his football insights are better than anything most hosts around here can produce.

Brandon Lund, both with Mychael Urban and/or Greg Papa, seems to know his stuff and feel comfortable poking fun at the CSN guys. Brandon Tierney’s a unique case just because he sounds so unapologetically like someone from the East Coast. And for that reason he’s not going to be everyone’s cup of Red Bull, no matter what he says.

What are my early thoughts? I haven’t listened to Tierney enough to form a valid opinion, but in general I’m not looking for radio hosts who share my opinion on all subjects. I like most hosts who do these things: keep the show moving, find the balance when taking calls between treating callers with respect and dumping the ones who bore the audience, and, most importantly, speak with knowledge that shows preparation beyond watching SportsCenter and glancing at the front page of the Sporting Green. So far I’ve only listened briefly to all these FM shows, but Tierney seems like he’s talented at least. Whether he’ll stick in this market, which doesn’t take kindly to strangers, we’ll see.

— So many comments about all these radio stories are from people who want to see the end of Fitz and Brooks on KNBR 680. And that’s not just on this site, but on Rich Lieberman and forums everywhere. If the Warriors truly are footing the bill for at least a portion of this show, how long will F&B continue? One is left to wonder, since the Warriors have new owners who just cleaned out a good portion of their front office and the ongoing lockout threatens the entire 2011-12 NBA season.

— Heading to the Giants/Dodgers game tonight. Regardless of either team’s place in the standings or recent struggles by either pitcher, you have to catch Tim Lincecum facing Clayton Kershaw whenever you can.

— Even if Kershaw crushes the Giants as per usual, at least we’ll get to see Ryan Vogelsong claim his Willie Mac Award this evening. Maybe the Giants will play inspired baseball as a result, but that seems to be asking a lot lately.

— Kind of wondering how strong of a showing we’ll see from Giants fans — I saw a large group of guys (at least 10) wearing Dodgers hats, jerseys and “LOS DOYERS” t-shirts yesterday at a nearby coffee shop in the city.

— I put together a fantasy team full of Raiders and 49ers. Check it out at SB Nation Bay Area, and thank the Lord above that this isn’t your fantasy team in real life, if that makes any sense.

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