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Bud Norris isn’t a fan of Brian Wilson’s Taco Bell commercial

Bud Norris of the Houston Astros pitched quite well against the San Francisco Giants in August, which makes him pretty much like any other National League starting pitcher. However, the shots he recently took at Brian Wilson on Twitter are going to resonate much longer than the 7 inning, 2 ER, 10 K performance he levied against a monstrous lineup featuring the legendary 6-7-8 combination of Aubrey Huff, Orlando Cabrera and Eli Whiteside.

In case you haven’t seen the Taco Bell commercial, which depending on your point of view could be described as anything from “kinda funny” to “confusingly aggressive” to “less appealing than a 2-day old Taco Bell ‘meat,'” here it is:


Norris, a Bay Area guy who grew up in Greenbrae (somewhere in Marin — I’d never heard of it either), wasn’t exactly enthralled with the Giants’ closer’s latest multimedia effort, as he had this to say:



As with any “feud” on Twitter, regardless if it’s an actual argument or a one-sided complaint like Norris’, it made waves. CBS Sports picked it up. So did Big League Stew, and a few others. And since Norris (who has over 5,000 followers on Twitter) doesn’t have nearly as many fans as Wilson does, Norris probably got hit pretty hard in his mentions, which led to this response:


Nice that Norris added the “lo siento,” which at least in terms of Spanish language usage made his tweet more authentic than anything coming out of Taco Bell (for example: when they advertised offerings with “carne asada steak”).

While his thoughts on the Taco Bell ad are shared by many, including Giants bloggers, Norris coming out and ripping Wilson’s extracurricular activities publicly is kind of like Andris Biedrins clowning LeBron James’ McDonald’s commercials.

(Yeah, I know I said I wouldn’t mention “the league that won’t be mentioned,” and I also know that Wilson isn’t exactly LeBron, but … wait, where was I going?)

When someone gets a lot of attention, especially if that someone seems to really, really, really want that attention, haters will come forward. Norris is kind of a mild version of a hater (and it’s not just Wilson he hates, so maybe he’s just grumpy lately), and I’m sure he and Casey Blake aren’t the only ones who wish they could live in a world without B-Weezy. But is Wilson really that bad? For all the complaining when athletes spout boring clichés and look stiff in commercials, are we really going to crush Wilson for not batting 1.000 while pitching products?

One bit of advice for Wilson: the combination of a huge black beard and yelling doesn’t work. He should stick to being calm and ridiculous, like in the NBA 2K12 commercial where he lies on a Cheetah in short shorts:


Or this one he shot for ON24. However, I just might be biased since I was a (very, very small) part of the shoot:
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