Aubrey Huff

Chills … and then just cold

It seemed like everything was back to normal after yesterday’s uber-weirdness left us overheated and giddy. The city’s warmer than usual, but back to its normal windy self. The Giants had trouble scoring runs against Homer Bailey and the Reds once again looked like the best offensive team in the National League.

Then … I don’t even know what happened. I’ve been trying to work through this entire game, and was pretty successful when the score was 10-1. Once the Giants cut it to 10-5 it was a slight distraction. Then they tied the game, and then sacrifice-flied the Reds to death and took the lead.

Goose bumps. We have bad short-term memories as sports fans, while our long-term memories become more enhanced (exaggerated, one could argue) as we grow older. But I can’t remember chills like the ones I felt during the eighth inning since Benito Santiago went deep against the Braves in 2002. Even though I surely felt them during this game.

Then the fog came from Ocean Beach, led by gusts of wind that acted like pushy little pawns, forcing the heat back to the East Bay where it belongs. And with it came more shaky defense from a team that was supposed to be defensively porous in the first place, but even before the season a 5-error game would have seemed crazy. But in this series, a crooked number like that on the scoreboard was perfectly at home.

The Giants lost this game, but this is hardly a gut-wrenching defeat. Maybe if this game ended a road trip, or came later in the season, or if Aubrey Huff’s collision at first base early on led to a major injury instead of a little b00-boo. All one can do is just write this off as a strange end to a strange series, and take solace that the Giants outscored the Reds 38-19 over three games.


— As long as Brian Sabean’s filling every single hole he can with league-average veterans, it would have been nice to have a defensive replacement for Pablo Sandoval who was at least an average defender in the ninth inning. Every time a grounder’s hit over there lately, you’re rolling the dice.

— At least Sandoval’s crushing the ball this week. Not ready to proclaim he’s back yet. I’m waiting for the walk-off grand slam. Only then will I proclaim.

— Juan Uribe hit the homer and made an incredible play to spear a grounder and throw out the runner at home in the 12th. In a postseason game you can never sit him if he’s healthy.

— Funny to see Bruce Bochy school Dusty Baker, when Dusty put Edinson Volquez of all people in the bullpen to convince Bochy to let Zito pitch to Scott Rolen. Bochy intentionally walked Rolen and left Dusty to pull Ramon Hernandez back to the dugout and send Francisco Cordero to the plate. Dusty’s fun to watch, unless you’re a fan of one of his teams during a close game or one of the relievers he depends on. Then it’s painful.

— I’ve been working on kind of a researchy Madison Bumgarner post for a couple days about pitchcounts, and now I’m kind of feeling weird about it. Not even sure if I’ll finish it, because it’ll just make me paranoid.

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