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Chris Culliver fires back at Jimmy Fallon with really long hashtags

Chris Culliver Jimmy Fallon

I don’t watch The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, mostly out of habit. Jay Leno wasn’t funny for years, and I did the majority of my late night talk show viewing during the summers of my high school and college years.

Fallon probably thought he was doing a service last week when he trotted out what appears to be a regular feature – Tonight Show Superlatives – about the upcoming game between the Bears and 49ers on Sunday night (chime-chime-chime, multi-colored peacock feathers). Help out the parent network, give some lesser known football players a little face time … with some jokes attached.

Chris Culliver doesn’t like jokes about his face.

Jimmy Fallon

What’s ridiculous about this (other than the ridiculous number of hashtags and the length of said hashtags), is that Fallon arguably went easier on Culliver than anyone.

Jimmy Fallon Mike Iupati 49ers

Jimmy Fallon Joe Looney 49ers

Jimmy Fallon Phil Dawson 49ers

Jimmy Fallon Andy Lee 49ers

Jimmy Fallon Craig Dahl 49ers

Jimmy Fallon Jay Cutler

Jimmy Fallon Dontae Johnson Black Bert 49ers

If anyone would be justified in firing off long hashtags on Instagram, it’s Dontae “Black Bert” Johnson.

And Culliver didn’t stop at one Instagram photo and hashtag roast, either.

Chris Culliver instagram Jimmy Fallon hashtags

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