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Contest!!! Who wants to win a Beard Head?

Usually when we do contests, the prize is something that doesn’t cost anything, like homemade cookies. Well, they don’t cost ME anything, as usually my fiance SGL is left to buy the ingredients and actually make the cookies. Because all I do is watch sports all day and throw tomatoes at cars from the living room window of my 3rd-story apartment. Ah, city living.

But this week, we get to give away things that people actually pay good money for: Beard Heads!

If you don’t know what a Beard Head is, click here. I guess looking at the picture to your left would help, too (and no, that’s not me in the photo, it’s David, the guy who runs the company and just happens to be a huge Giants fan).

If you didn’t notice, yesterday was pretty freakin’ cold. And it’s bound to keep getting colder, because that’s how seasons work. I really should have been a science major.

Here’s the point: with the Giants doing their baseball version of the Sharks’ playoff beards, Brian Wilson taking Keith Hernandez’s advice and all the Fear The Beard talk, it seemed like a perfect time to give three of these babies away.

So do you want to win a Beard Head? It’s real easy to do, check it out.

1. Think about Tim Lincecum. He’s the guy who’s led the Majors in strikeouts the last three seasons, and the only guy on the team who could go without shaving for a year and not grow a beard, so he definitely has beard-envy. And, he loves cold weather and wearing beanies, so a Beard Head would be perfect for him.

2. Predict how many Phillies that Lincecum will strike out in Game 5 of the NLCS.

3. Send that prediction to me via email (, Facebook or Twitter (@BASportsGuy).

4. The three closest to Lincecum’s strikeout total on Thursday will win a free Beard Head!

5. Tie goes to the runner. In this case that means if there are a bunch of people who are tied, the winners will be whoever sent in their predictions first. So don’t delay! If you want to be the warmest guy or girl on the block this winter, send in your entry now!

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