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CSN Metrics: June 25-July 1

I have always found what Deadspin did with the “Bristolmetrics” pretty interesting, so I decided to take a page out of their playbook and take a closer look at how much time and to which sports our very own highlight show spends its time on.

I set the DVR to record every late night SportsNet Central on CSN Bay Area for an entire week.  With a stop watch and a spreadsheet, I documented what went on. It wasn’t always fun, but the end results–I hope–will be worth it.

It should come as no surprise that at this time of year the Giants were the run-away winners in the amount of coverage received (after all, they are part owners of the station). In a distant second were the A’s,  followed by the Raiders (whose numbers were boosted by the “Meet the Rookies” segment) and the Warriors.

Here is the full breakdown of time spent:

 Team/Sport  % Time Total Time
Giants 52.46% 1h 12m 3s
A’s 14.61%  20m 4s
Raiders 8.46% 11m 37s
Warriors 6.64%  9m 7s
MLB 3.73%  5m 7s
Olympics 2.95%  4m 3s
49ers 2.31% 3m 10s
Other 1.37% 1m 53s
Soccer 1.30% 1m 47s
Quakes 1.27% 1m 45s
Golf 1.24% 1m 42s
Kings 0.92% 1m 16s
Sharks 0.78% 1m 4s
Tennis 0.59% 49s
NBA 0.51% 42s
Stanford 0.42% 35s
NCAA Football 0.23% 19s
NCAA Baseball 0.19% 16s

The rest of the coverage included the San Francisco Bulls (who signed their first player), the Sabercats and CSN employees singing the National Anthem at the Giants game.

In terms of sports covered, MLB was the big leader, followed by the NFL and NBA. For fourth place, the U.S. Olympic Trails beat out the Euro Cup and Golf. I am not sure how much of that is NBC Sports wanting to try to get people pumped for the Olympics or just a sign that CSN thinks people don’t care much for European Soccer.

Here is the full breakdown by sport from last week:


In the opinion of CSN Bay Area, the Giants are the biggest story in the Bay Area.  They got over half of the total coverage and had five times that of the second place A’s. They also were the lead highlights six out of seven days, being upstaged only by the NBA draft. But, even then, the pre-highlights were heavy on Giants.

Though the Giants love makes sense (even this site has much more Giants coverage than other sports this time of year), it is still pretty astonishing that it would be so far and away the leader.

What do you all think of CSN’s coverage of Bay Area Sports? Let us know in the comments.

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