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Damon Bruce rants against BASG, the internet and A’s fans (but mostly A’s fans)

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I guess I kind of knew this was coming, since you can’t question Damon Bruce on Twitter without him getting offended and lashing out. That’s why it’s funny that one of the main things he he kept harping on today in an eight-minute rant about my tweet from yesterday was how A’s fans who question him on Twitter need more self confidence.

A reader sent me the audio of everything Bruce said from the moment my name was mentioned until commercial, and here’s the word-for-word transcription. By the way, this segment was recorded in the Coliseum parking lot (that’s only relevant because Bruce responded to a fan who yelled something when Bruce was chastising A’s fans for not coming to home games).

I’ve highlighted some quotes that I found particularly interesting, but there’s a lot of fun stuff here.

The Bay Area sports guy, who fancies himself a Bay Area sports journalist, asked the incredibly snarky, unprofessional question I’m sure he thought had some enlightening, provocative sort of statement to make, but … nothing at all.

“Why do the A’s, or the A’s station, 95.7 The Game, why would they be tweeting updates of Giants games?”** And so I answered back on Twitter, saying that, “Well, it’s sports in the Bay Area, and we cover Bay Area sports.”***

This floored some people. A new concept. See, here’s the deal. If you got a team, you can be a topic on this station. I worked for another station before coming here where there were only two topics on that station. And that’s all there were. Now we’re not going to let that mistake dictate what we do over here.

And what I would like for you to do, A’s fans, is maybe the next time we do an interview with Derek Norris, talk about what you heard in the Derek Norris interview. Not bring up that in the tease I mistakenly said “Warriors” while sitting in the Warriors parking lot in between the Warriors’ stadium and where the Oakland A’s play.

When you really think about it, when you listen to this show for, I don’t know, 30 seconds, I think you can pretty much chalk that up to slip of the tongue. Not misinformation. But again, you have electricity, you have the internet, therefore you are emboldened to be the biggest prick possible at all times sometimes.****

Like, I get it. I get it. I remember my first beer too, tough guy. Let me tell ya, just because you have electricity doesn’t mean you should use it. And I think the best thing in the world that could happen … three months, no internet. Three months, the entire world, dark on the internet. You people have become spoiled rotten jackasses.

A’s fans are essentially the 16-year-old girl who doesn’t like the color of the Ferrari her daddy got her on Sweet Sixteen and Pregnant, or whatever that show was with just vapid horrible little girls who complained about their luxurious lifestyles.

Basically the message sent to me on Twitter yesterday was this: You’re the A’s station. Only talk about the A’s. Get some self confidence, would you? There isn’t a White Sox fan in the world that when they’re listening to their station, when a Cubs fan calls in, they get all jumpy, they get the yips about it.

Now look, you have been abused as a fanbase. You have been treated as a second-class citizen. Not by this station, but by your own ownership.

And do you want some honesty? Do you want more honesty than Jason Barrett is even prepared for me to share with you today? Here you go. Here it is. A’s fans, if you were that great for business … finish that sentence yourself. If you were that great for business, more business would be done with you.

It is not 95.7 The Game that disappoints your A’s coverage. It’s not CSN Bay Area. It’s not ESPN’s fault. It’s YOUR fault. It’s your fault, A’s fans. You are the ones who decide where gigantic viewing audiences show up to. And you, gigantic A’s fanbase? You don’t show up in any gigantic number to support your team. And it doesn’t produce itself in a radio rating, in a television rating, that’s why you don’t get on ESPN. It’s you.

Everyone wants to say it’s a media bias, it’s so unfair. Take some personal responsibility for a change. A lot of this, a lot of it, is on you. Here’s an example. To the vast majority of A’s fans I’m talking to right now, the single best pitching matchup in Major League Baseball is happening between two first place teams here tonight. Are you comin’? How many A’s fans don’t show up to one game all season long and bitch about ratings and moan about poor attendance and ask why we don’t get as much of attention as Giants, who are sold out 43,000 a night every night.

(Fan yells something inaudible at Bruce)

Then where are the people, sir? That’s my question to you. And obviously, it doesn’t apply directly to you because are here, good sir. How about the thousands of A’s fans who will use Twitter to moan and moan and moan and moan and moan and moan and moan and moan and moan and not show up?

Now, you don’t like coming? Fine. You think that the Coliseum is a dump? I don’t disagree with you. So you’re going to listen on the radio, which is going to make the A’s radio ratings equal to that of the Giants, right? Not even close. Not even close.

What really bothers me is this, A’s fans. Raiders fans too, who don’t feel like they get enough attention at times. Here’s what really pisses me off sometimes. If I had told you five years ago that there’d be a brand new station in town. It was going to be an all-sports station that carried your teams and would give you more coverage than anybody on planet Earth. OK? Anybody on planet Earth. No station other than 95.7 The Game is talking about the A’s more. There’s no station on the planet. Do you understand that? We are the planetary galactic leader in A’s and Raiders conversation. And it’s STILL not enough for some of ya. It’s STILL not enough, because, “Oh my God, I heard they interviewed Jeremy Affeldt at one time and I’m never coming back because they interviewed Jeremy Affeldt on the A’s station.” And that’s ridiculous.*****

You know why KNBR doesn’t cover the Oakland A’s? Because they’re not very good at covering sports beyond the Giants and the 49ers and the Warriors, and even that’s a little bit debatable. Alright? There is a dedication at this station – one of the big appeals for me to come here was that we weren’t restricted to just talking about a couple of things all the time. We could talk about whatever we wanted. We could talk about whatever we wanted.

You know, I’m about to do a segment on Johnny Manziel. If I had done a segment on Johnny Manziel and still been on KNBR, no 49er fan would’ve said, “Oh my God! This is the 49ers station, why are you talking about a Brown?” Get some self confidence. Seriously.

** What I actually tweeted.

*** What Bruce actually tweeted.

**** Bruce was MAD at the people who corrected him:

***** The Affeldt tweet Bruce was referring to can be found here.

It’s funny, when I posted my article from earlier today about how defensive a few 95.7 employees became when I questioned the station’s social media strategy, I got the following response a few minutes later.

Well, I clearly had this whole thing totally wrong. They aren’t defensive at all!

Again, the transcribed segment above was from an eight-minute segment on the Damon Bruce Show. As @957thememe pointed out, “Who’s giving who content?”

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