Don’t bet against the Giants … or your grandparents

My Nana (and yes I call her Nana, because if I called her Grandma she wouldn’t even respond — you have to love family traditions) approached me last Easter proposing a wager.

Nana is a bigger Giants fan than anybody I know. That’s saying a lot with all the passionate people I know who claim to bleed orange and black, but Nana’s the only one who keeps written score … every game.

To say my comments regarding the Giants that afternoon were pessimistic would be an understatement. I was predicting a last-place finish in the National League West, along with perhaps the most inept and powerless offense in franchise history.

When a woman in her eighties challenges you to a bet, there’s really no way you can back down without immediately being required to send your credentials to the curators at the “Wuss Hall of Fame.” So when Nana suggested that we wager a dinner on the Giants (if the Giants finish last she buys, I pick up the tab if they finish third or better), I shook her hand said, “It’s a bet.”

My uncle Phil jokingly asked Nana why a true Giants fan wouldn’t bet on her favorite team finishing first, she showed how dim the team’s hopes were this season when she said, “I’m not crazy.” This from a woman who’ll keep score and hope for a win even when the Giants are down by 10 runs. But with the way the Giants have played lately, first place is not as impossible as previously thought.

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