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Even Balloon Boy Can’t Stomach the Raiders

I don’t get to listen to much daytime KNBR anymore these days, but since I decided to walk to work this morning I caught the beginning of Gary Radnich and he was once again bitching about the NFL blackout policy. I used to agree with Radnich that the blackout policy was archaic, and even dropped the same line he always directs to the NFL: “It’s a 3-hour commercial for your product.”

Now I’m beginning to embrace the blackout rule. Cherish it, if you will. I even kneel in front of my television, can of “Simpler Times” Trader Joe’s beer in my hand (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it…it’s like cheaper, really good Pabst), and give thanks every other Sunday (give or take) for the blackout policy. Because blackouts mean that  just because I refuse switch to that satellite dish company and shell out $200 for the NFL ticket, I’m not subjected to JaMarcus Russell throwing passes at Zach Miller’s and DHB’s feet all afternoon. I’d way rather watch Arizona/Seattle than see the Eagles win by 45.

You know who will attend the Raiders/Eagles game that may or may not make a sound? Falcon Heene, the world-infamous not-actually-in-the-balloon boy who last night let it be known on CNN with Wolf Blitzer that he and his family pulled off their balloon-related PR stunt “for the show.” As punishment for letting the proverbial cat out of the bag, his father is forcing Falcon to fly out to Oakland today and attend the Raiders game this Sunday. Watch Falcon’s reaction below during his appearance on The Today Show.

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