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Exclusive: Dan Dibley calls out KNBR on Twitter

When Dan Dibley worked for KNBR, one of the areas where he led the way was his early adoption of social media — especially compared to the rest of the hosts and personalities, most of whom didn’t see the point in adding Twitter or Facebook to their communications repertoires.

However, anyone who’s fully invested in the social media game knows that the fun isn’t limited to communicating with friends, fans and strangers, or simply consuming instantaneous information. Beefs, especially on Twitter, are incredibly entertaining. In fact, I say Twitter should replace its often ridiculous and juvenile list of “Trending Topics” with a “Beefs” section. Wouldn’t Twitter be better if you could see all the different battles going on and eavesdrop on people LOLing and SMHing at each other?

Anyway, these days Dibs is on the Bay Area’s other sports radio team: 95.7 FM, otherwise known as “The Game.” In case you’ve been living under Alcatraz (or listen to music “exclusively” … more on that word in a second), you know that 95.7 and KNBR have been warring for the past several months, and continue to do battle for the ears of sports fans throughout the region.

95.7’s commercials, both on the radio and on TV, have been far more aggressive in painting KNBR as a station run by senior citizens (and a chimp). KNBR, the incumbent if you will, has projected an air of superiority in their marketing campaigns, noting how they carry the Giants, 49ers and Warriors and have been doing sports radio for decades.

“The Game” signed a bunch of “insiders,” media guys who subsequently were no longer available to do guest shots on “The Sports Leader.” KNBR responded by adding a bunch of “insiders” of their own. With these competing moves, the idea of “exclusive”  content became a driving force for both stations’ marketing departments. And to listeners it can get confusing, because while guys like Mychael Urban, Matt Maiocco, Matt Barrows and Andrew Baggarly may have signed exclusive deals with one station or the other, the two stations still fight for guests … like head coaches.

Dibley took the battle to Twitter this morning.



For those who are confused by Twitter-speak, here’s what Dibley did — everything after the “RT” is what KNBR posted from their own Twitter account this morning, and Dibley added his own thoughts (“How can it be #exclusive…”) to the beginning of his tweet.

It didn’t stop there either, as Dibley responded to people backing up KNBR. First, Dibley retweeted someone who agreed with his stance.



Then he responded to someone who wrote, “uve (sic) becom (sic) a bitter hater dibs.”



And again…



Dibley seemed to be having some fun with this as the morning went on:



As did those who took Dibley’s (and The Game’s) side:



KNBR didn’t reply directly to Dibley’s shots, but they did throw a couple retweets out there that showed whoever’s in charge of their Twitter feed was probably paying attention, like this one:



And this:



Many have questioned The Game’s tactics in terms of commercials painting Lee Hammer as a chimp and the like. However, if 95.7 wants to take away their competition’s market share after years of KNBR serving as the “exclusive” home for sports talk in the Bay, staying quiet doesn’t make a lot of sense. After all, we are talking about radio.

Whether or not Dibley’s tweets will stop KNBR from claiming exclusivity, who knows. Ultimately this battle will be won or lost not on Twitter, but with each ratings report. But like with most Twitter beefs, the winners here were the ones watching from the sidelines.

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