2010 World Series

Forget torture, this is heaven!

I feel like Brian Wilson coming in from the bullpen. The entire town is celebrating, but my addiction to BASG won’t let me stay outside. Only problem is, I don’t know what to say. I’m so damned superstitious, I never planned for what I’d write if the Giants ever won a WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!

Now they have. They did it! They won a World Series, and not only did they win, they WON. This was hardly a fluke. They shut down the two best lineups in baseball, and crushed history in the process.

The weight has been lifted off an entire city … forget that, an entire region of people that stretches from Fresno to Bend, OR. And it feels glorious, doesn’t it?

I got home as soon as I could from work, and watched the first six innings in my living room by myself. And thanks to my fiance, who I’m going to be married to in just FIVE DAYS, I was convinced to head to Bar 821 a block and a half away and watch the game with our people. Because in times like this, we all love each other. Connections between people is what this is all about.

Fathers and sons. Mothers and daughters. Brothers and sisters. Stepmom and sons. Friends who haven’t spoken in years. Strangers in bars who share high fives like they’re in the same family. And it isn’t just because of the year 1954, or a Bay Area championship drought that ended tonight at 15 years.

Edgar Renteria was money, and according to Andres Torres (who was caught on Aaron Rowand’s microphone), he pretty much called his 3-run homer. Tim Lincecum took back the crown as the best pitcher in baseball (as if 2 Cy Youngs in a row wasn’t enough), only giving up a solo home run to Nelson Cruz when he was dead-set on throwing strikes following Edgar’s HR.

And let’s stop talking about Brian Wilson’s saves being too torturous, huh? He’s the next Mariano Rivera, and he’s soooooo much more fun. He nailed this thing down like history didn’t matter.

Just like Lincecum, Madison Bumgarner, Matt Cain, Jonathan Sanchez, Javier Lopez, Jeremy Affeldt, Sergio Romo, Santiago Casilla, Ramon Ramirez and Guillermo Mota. Just check out the Rangers’ batting averages in the middle of the order. Every one of those dudes hit around .100 with no power numbers in the World Series, and those were the guys that were supposed to teach us pot-smoking hippies how the American League plays baseball. Hell, every team has supposed to have shown us why this Giants team wasn’t any good.

Oh, and Cliff Lee? The best team won. Twice.

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