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Free Michael Phelps Weedies!

Ladies and gentlemen, your most uplifiting Bay Area semi-sports-related story of the year:

Michael Phelps got dropped by Kellogg’s for his marijuanic misdeeds in South Carolina during a night of bong and pong, and a San Francisco food bank took advantage. In this article (which has been picked up nationally — a nice feat for the Chronicle, which probably won’t be around much longer), C.W. Nevius writes that 3,800 boxes of Kellogg’s cereal have been given to the local food bank and have been flying off the shelves.

Of course they are. Phelps is on boxes of Frosted Flakes, which are delicious, not Wheaties, which are vile. Wheaties is like eating cardboard that was rained on for a week. Wheaties makes Total taste like Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

I love it that it took Phelps to get caught bong-in-hand to get dropped by the cereal giant. You know, since it was no problem when he was shown obviously hammered, drinking cans of Corona during that Ravens game (c’mon, who drinks cans of Corona?) or when he started dating that stripper?

Links and Things

–Bill Simmons becomes the second “Sports Guy” to proclaim Anthony “But we call him Tony” Randolph a guy you never want to miss, no matter the circumstances. And yes, I know Simmons was the first actual “Sports Guy,” but there’s no way he’s going to steal Randolph away from me. You already have Durant, Simmons! I saw Tony first!!! (

–The top five reasons why NBA players SHOULD Twitter. (Fear The Beard)

–It doesn’t sound like Terrell Owens is that happy about going to Buffalo. After spending an hour there a few months ago on my way to Toronto, I can’t blame him. (SPORTSbyBROOKS)

–Is Matt Cain cursed? (McCovey Chronicles)

–Now that Monta’s back, Jamal Crawford is now the Warriors’ seventh man, except on days when C.J. Watson presents the better matchup. OK, I made the last part up. (SF Gate)

–The new UFL will have Dennis Green coaching a team that plays at Mays Field, and aims to be a developmental league for the NFL. (49ers Blog and Q&A)

–Can someone explain why the 49ers think they need all these backup corners? (Matt Maiocco)

–Gonzaga got to shoot 2 free throws before their easy win over Saint Mary’s in the WCC Championship after Omar Samhan decided to dunk during warmups. (Fanhouse)

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