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Giants make statement in AZ: “We’re still trying to figure out this ‘baseball’ thing.”

Bruce Bochy was MAD today. You think you were upset, complaining on Twitter about Brandon Crawford’s defense or Jeremy Affeldt’s contract. Bochy laughs at your anger. You don’t know livid until you see Bochy, completely frustrated, motioning for Pablo Sandoval to talk to Javier Lopez after a botched double play to give Sergio Romo a few extra warmup throws.

Earlier, Bochy was so mad he didn’t realize he should’ve utilized the double-switch option about 10 minutes earlier, instead of sending Matt Cain back out for a 7th inning in which he wouldn’t pitch.

Bochy’s ejection from Sunday’s game was a foregone conclusion once the lead was lost. And once the lead was lost, a Diamondbacks sweep was a foregone conclusion.

The Giants flew to Denver after yet another their 8th straight loss to the D-Backs. But hey, Barry Zito doesn’t have to measure up to the rest of the staff. Ah hah, no — he has to save them! The way this season’s gone so far, with the Giants hitting homers and losing anyway, Zito will probably turn the clock back to 2002.

The Giants are 0-3 in 1-run games. Last year, their success in 1-run games was otherworldly early on. After starting out 3-3 in the close ones, the Giants won their next 11 games decided by a run. It was deemed by some to be the trait of a World Series-tested team who knew how to gain and hold a lead in the late innings. It was deemed by others to be the trait of a lucky-ass team. We all know how that turned out.

What does it mean this season? That the Giants aren’t the pitching-rich squad we’re used to? That it’s DWO (Diamondbacks World Order) time? No, it just means the beginning of the baseball season made Bochy very angry, and baseball anger trickles down to every fan who feels like he or she cares more than Bochy does.

Too bad it’s come in a few losses, but watching Buster Posey has been absolutely fascinating. His bat is there, and you don’t need a so-called blogger like me to tell you. His fielding has been there too, but not in the “makes the plays, avoids errors” sense.

He’s unsure of what to do, and he’s alternating between the passive (keeping his feet about six inches too far forward on Sandoval’s throw) and the aggressive (throwing to third on Gerardo Parra’s bunt). But who cares, the important thing is Posey’s moving. He can’t run for shit, but Posey’s quick behind the plate and even quicker at the plate.

Posey struck out to end the game, ending an extremely volatile series for him. He was in the mix in what seemed like every play. To expect him to be 100% perfect in his first regular season series would be the act of an extremely spoiled person. I expect Posey will be 100% perfect by April 20.

Sergio Romo’s pitching line: (1.2 innings, 1 hit, 1 strikeout, 0 earned runs) looks so smooth and easy on the surface. Oh, if they only knew.

Blame Matt Cain for giving up 5 runs after getting a 6-run lead in an offensive playground like Chase Field? Derp.

Blame the Giants for failing to score a run off a guy named Wade Miley, who threw 4 innings after the Giants’ lineup did what they’re supposed to (get the starting pitcher out after 3 innings)? Ding!

Crawford’s thumb injury might not be as minor as they’re saying. Either that or he isn’t handling the butterflies all that well.

I thought the Giants’ new road uniforms were a little too busy with the black piping, but I have to say I like them on TV. The ones with “SAN FRANCISCO” written out, as well as the Sunday specials with the “SF” on the left chest … both versions look pretty spiffy.

Melky Cabrera’s smirk before hitting a single to center on the first pitch in the 9th inning: we’ll see that again this season during a game the Giants win, soon enough.


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