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Giants/Rockies game suspended, Pence’s unorthodox HR swing, Posey being cranky, Morse vs. “Morris”

This game started off in ridiculously boring fashion, but that wasn’t all. There was also an hour-plus rain delay, and before that delay it appeared as if the umpires had spent the time between Tuesday night’s game and Wednesday’s first pitch huffing computer duster. Then there was another delay, and then the game was suspended.

So the score remains 2-2, with two outs in the bottom of the sixth and Michael Cuddyer on first when the game resumes. That is, unless Cuddyer is hurt or isn’t with the team on Sept. 1, since that’s the next time the Giants travel to Denver. The NL West race might be thick with intrigue by then, and we’re probably guaranteed to deal with more weirdness, both on the field and dropping from the sky. One thing we can safely assume we won’t see the next time these teams face at Coors: Santiago Casilla wearing Jean Machi’s batting helmet.

I wrote a post about Colin Kaepernick and Michael Crabtree during the first delay. After the infield was tarped a second time, I took the dog on a walk up to the “vista” part of Buena Vista Park. Even though I’ve been to Mays Field countless times, there’s always something cool about seeing the place from far away. Not quite as cool as hiking around Twin Peaks and seeing Candlestick, but a lot of people would probably disagree with me there.

Oh, right. Today’s “game.”

Extra BASGs

— Fun with umpiring:

  • Nolan Arenado was awarded first base in the first inning after getting hit in the hand on a pitch where he didn’t just check-swing, he three-quarter-swung.
  • Pablo Sandoval hit a home run that was pretty clearly foul that was called fair on the field. The guys in New York took 2:36 to review the play, even though at least one camera angle showed the ball’s path quite clearly, and Sandoval later flied out to center to end an at-bat that lasted about eight minutes.
  • There was even a play where Wilin Rosario absentmindedly grabbed for his third base coach’s arm before retreating back to third. Mike Krukow (who had an interesting series, to put it mildly) said Rosario should’ve been out, but the rules state that contact is OK as long as the base coach isn’t affecting where the runner goes and how he gets there. So the umpires were correct that time. @cantpredictball

— Hunter Pence showed off a home run swing that looked like someone trying to kill a mosquito with a broom in the dark. Or something.

Check out this follow-through.

Hunter Pence follow-through HR

Hunter Pence follow-through HR Coors

Hunter Pence HR follow-through

— Duane Kuiper’s going to call him “Morris” all year, isn’t he.

— I wrote that last sentence at about 3:00. Maybe 3:02. I guess I wasn’t alone.

— Buster Posey was back for the first time after tweaking his back on a swing during Sunday’s game, and he was a little cranky. First, Sergio Romo dragged him into a rain delay selfie.

Then Morse collided with him on an infield pop-up with the bases loaded in the fourth.

Michael Morse Buster Posey

Buster Posey Michael Morse

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