Brandon Belt

Giants sweep Saturday’s doubleheader … what do you mean, ‘only one game’?

The San Francisco Giants, thanks to Duane Kuiper and an extremely eager marketing team, have overused the word “torture.” It’s time to hand that word to the A’s, at least for a week or two, because they’ve been tormented by this series.

Oakland had this game. Shane Loux (who lately has made the Giants miss Guillermo Mota more than they ever thought possible) gave the A’s a glimmer of hope. Then Santiago Casilla almost surrendered the lead — and would have, except Brandon Hicks’ double bounced over the wall. Then Ryan Theriot of all people made a running catch to win the game, the series and the season series.

The Brandon Belt Show

A little showboating from Mr. Belt on that home run, eh? Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but he admired his shot to right for a little while … and who can blame him? After going homerless for so long, now he has 4 — which ties Belt with Gregor Blanco for fifth on the team.

Here’s Belt’s postgame interview, courtesy of Ryan Leong. He had this to say about the “#FreeBelt” movement:

“I have to say, the support has been pretty awesome. I was talking to some other reporters and I was telling them how the doubt kind of creeps into your head and you kind of question yourself a lot when you’re not doing so well. But when you have the support of the fans it kind of gives you a little positive light when you’re in a dark place sometimes. So yeah, I definitely appreciate it.”

Brandon Belt

Prediction: at the end of the year Belt will finish no lower than third on the Giants in homers, and at this point Belt’s chances of finishing second behind Buster Posey look pretty decent.

Posey’s blast

Why can’t he do that at AT&T? Just asking.

Josh Reddick

The young A’s outfielder hit his 17th home run on Saturday. 17 homers might lead the Giants at the end of this season.

Eric Byrnes

It’s like I can’t escape the guy. If he isn’t on The Razor and Mr. T bragging about his triathlon training, he’s screaming on a Fox telecast. I always figured he’d go national and we’d be away from his narcissism before long, but he’s quickly becoming a Bay Area fixture. Grant Brisbee had this to say:

Is it weird that I don’t mind Eric Byrnes as a color guy? Feels like that’s weird. But I thought he was fine with Dave Flemming on the national broadcast. I was expecting something wholly ridiculous, but … nah. He does his research, and more than that, he kind of pairs well with the dressed-down style of Flemming. It’s not exactly a Spicoli/Mr. Hand dynamic, but it was a good balance.

Okay. So I’m alone on this. I don’t blame you at all. I’m a take a shower.

Can’t say I disagree with what Grant wrote, but … does Byrnes have to be everywhere? At first, my reaction to his constant presence on all my speakers (God, why?!?!) made me think I’m getting old, but I’m younger than he is. Maybe I’m just cranky because nobody’s voting in the jokes post.

Melky Cabrera

He could be fifth in the NL in batting average by Monday. Going 1-for-13 over three games will do that to a guy.

Madison Bumgarner

He gave up 11 hits; the most he had allowed this season before Saturday was 8 (when he pitched 8 innings and struck out 11 while giving up 2 runs in a win over the Cubs on June 1). Bumgarner gave up home runs to Reddick and Jonny Gomes and looked as hittable as he’s been since that outing against the Twins last season. Yet, he still got the win. And you wonder why the kids say win/loss records don’t matter…

Jemile Weeks

Made the first and last outs of the ninth inning. Hey, someone had to put this game out of its misery.

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