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Giants turn clock back to 1993

Back in the days before humidors and dinosaur mascots — hell, back before the days of Coors Field, playing the Rockies used to be fun. Relaxing, even. An opposing team traveling to Denver back in the Rockies’ first year of existence (back when the most important thing to everyone wasn’t that there were two expansion teams in baseball for the first time in over a decade, but instead that their primary uniform colors were purple and teal) might have had to deal with the occasional homer from Dante Bichette, Andres Galarraga or Larry Walker, but they’d score at 10 runs/game and leave with a series victory if not a sweep. I remember listening to this game in particular (check out Robby Thompson: 5×5 with 2 HRs!).

Then, and I don’t know if it was Neifi Perez or the curse of Wayne Hagin, but the Giants begun to lose their way in Denver. They believed all the stories about it being the toughest place to play, and that’s what it became. Tonight was a nice flashback.

10-0. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that the Giants just strutted into Denver and asserted their dominance. If they can wake up early tomorrow and chase Ubaldo Jiminez again, then we’ll know that things have truly gone screwy.

Not that how much money the Giants spend should matter to us in any way, but…

– Corey Hart just signed a 3-year extension worth about $9M a year. Jonathan Sanchez is making just over $2M. I’d much rather watch Sanchez strike out guys for that price instead of watching Hart strike out for more than 4x as much.

– Giants fans (Or is it Giant fans? I swear, that’s the hardest things about maintaining a sports blog, little stuff like that.) have become extremely spoiled. “Oh, Sanchez is so hard to watch! He WALKS GUYS!!! He doesn’t pitch shutouts when the Giants score 9 runs! He just doesn’t have it mentally, and I’m an expert. Oh no, Dave Flemming just told me a statistic about his pitch counts that made him sound really inefficient!”

– You know what Giants fans are like — at least when it comes to starting pitchers — after we’ve all become trained to expect five guys who could conceivably go 16-8 with an ERA under 3.00 at the same time? They’re like 49ers fans back in the 1980’s who ripped a backup QB named Steve Young because he “didn’t know how to win like Joe does.”

– Full disclosure: as a kid who was young enough to still be stealing sports opinions from both his parents, I totally said that same thing about Young.

– This is the first Giants game in a while where Brian Wilson wasn’t a part of the conversation in some way afterwards.

– Wow, the Giants sure have a mess of mediocre relievers, don’t they?

– I guess if I had to bet money on it, I’d guess we’ll see Todd Wellemeyer and Dan Runzler eventually replace Santiago Casilla and Denny Bautista, and Jeremy Affeldt’s oblique injury will keep him out the rest of the season. If Affeldt does come back, Runzler stays in Fresno.

– Tonight’s first five hitters (Torres/Sanchez/Huff/Posey/Burrell) looked downright frightening, didn’t they? What if…Nah.

– Regardless, Andres Torres has been absolutely incredible. Runaway winner for the Willie Mac award (sorry Aubrey Huff, Torres has tenure). It’s like Torres is Marvin Benard on steroids. Wait…

– And by the way, if anybody comments on this headline and uses the words “Salomon,” “Torres” or “Piazza,” I’m going to find your IP address and block you. OK, maybe that’s an idle threat.

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