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Ha ha, Tiger Woods farted!

I was about to start this links post focusing on the local wide receivers who’ve been making a lot of noise lately, but a good journalist (hey, I own a digital interview recorder and use it sometimes…well, it isn’t technically mine, but it’s in my apartment) never buries the lede.

I didn’t watch the Buick Open yesterday, even though Tiger Woods won, although now I wished I did. Tiger apparently let one rip on camera, leading to a shared laughing fit by Woods and his caddie, Steve Williams and PGA officials quickly taking the clip off YouTube shortly thereafter. (Update: I found a YouTube with an audible fart and Tiger laughing…not sure if Tiger’s the one that let loose, but I’m willing to believe he is if you are)

Yeah, sure, a guy farted. Why such a big deal? Well, the story made me laugh more than most fart stories I could think of because who the poop balloon came from. After laughing for a while, I decided to make a list of the top five active male athletes I would be most shocked to hear fart on national television (because adding women to the mix would definitely knock Tiger out of the top 50):

5. Grant Hill

4. Roger Federer

3. Ichiro

2. Tiger Woods

1. Randy Winn

And on that note, check out these classy links!

— No update on Michael Crabtree’s holdout status as of yet, “and it’s not likely the 49ers are going (to) offer Crabtree a Darrius Heyward-Bey-type contract any time soon, either.” (Matt Maiocco’s Instant 49ers)

— Meanwhile, while Javon Walker looks to be going through a resurgence during the Raiders’ now-infamous “learning phase” of training camp, Heyward-Bey spent Sunday dropping passes right and left, earning him a talking to from a certain octogenarian owner. “Heyward-Bey gave his Rickey Dudley impression in the presence of Al Davis, who was driven over in a golf cart to talk to Heyward-Bey afterward.” (Inside the Oakland Raiders)

— As much as Kevin Lynch loves Shaun Hill (saying once on KNBR that he’s as talented as Tony Romo), he just can’t stand Crabtree. Nothing positive to say since the day he was drafted. You have to wonder if Crabtree called him “John Crumpacker” or has let it be known he’ll only talk to Maiocco or something. (Niner Insider)

— After getting booed by the fans during Saturday’s morning practice, Alex Smith threw 40-yard and 60-yard touchdown bombs to Brandon Jones. Really, people are booing during the first practices of training camp? (49ers Hot Read)

— Tim Lincecum’s changeup used to be his third best pitch. Now it’s the best pitch in Major League Baseball, statistically speaking. (Bay City Ball)

— They actually do Dog Days at the Park-like promotions at Atlanta and Florida, where instead of a designated section for dogs like the Giants have (the bleachers), the Marlins let the dogs sit wherever they want. I guess it doesn’t really matter that much when you average 4,500 fans per game. (The Sporting Blog)

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