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Henry Schulman reports no Giants suspended for brawl, gets in Twitter skirmish with Damon Bruce

According to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Henry Schulman, no San Francisco Giants will be suspended for Friday night’s brawl with the Philadelphia Phillies, but Shane Victorino will get three games. Victorino’s suspension is presumably in response to the way he pushed umpire Mike Muchlinski in an attempt to get into the middle of the fray, which included a lot of arms and legs flying but no discernible blows caught on camera.

Many thought Victorino would get upwards of 5 games for breaking one of baseball’s cardinal rules (putting one’s hands on an ump), but most also thought suspensions would come to Ramon Ramirez and perhaps Eli Whiteside and/or even Pablo Sandoval, who’s takedown of Carlos Ruiz was broken down via the magic of Tivo and my cellphone camera.

MLB’s relatively lenient response in regards to the Giants might irk Tony Bruno, whose untoward tweet is still resonating everywhere. On Twitter, this hot button issue is driving a wedge between media members only tangentially affected by Bruno’s “illegal alien” remark — most recently shown in a short war of words between Schulman and KNBR’s Damon Bruce. I didn’t catch a lot of Bruce and Gary Radnich‘s show this morning, but Schulman asked his followers the following question this afternoon:

Many responded that Bruce said something to that effect, including one of Schulman’s coworkers:


Schulman didn’t seem too pleased to hear the news:


Uh oh … and here’s Bruce’s rebuttal.




Schulman had one more thing to say before reporting the suspensions (or lack thereof) mentioned earlier and Carlos Beltran (not in the lineup tonight … gulp):


Okay, make that a couple things


Think it’s safe to say Schulman won’t be going on with Bruce and Radnich anytime soon.

One of the interesting things here — besides this minor “fight” which has already blown over and didn’t accomplish a lot more than providing a little entertainment on a Monday afternoon — is that the Bruno story’s been a topic on every show on KNBR I’ve heard (after writing until 3 am last night, I didn’t make it for Murph and Mac), but there’s no word from the station on whether they’ll continue to run his show on KNBR 1050 from 7-10 pm. Anything for ratings.

Update (6:30 pm): Bruce fires back:

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