Bruce Bochy

Hey Tim Lincecum, Bruce Bochy has a favor to ask

I wouldn’t be surprised if this conversation occurred last night while watching the fireworks show following the Giants’ 3-2 win over the Padres in the 11th inning:

Bruce Bochy: Now Tim, Rags and I got to talking back in my office, and we’ve noticed that the only time we win is when
you pitch.

Tim Linecum: Aw, sick! Did you see that, Boch? Did you see the poof?

BB: And you always talk about how you don’t need rest and all

TL: Whoa, look at those sparks rain down! Those kind are the best … Hey, look out over there! Your boat’s gonna catch

BB: Tim, listen. I need you to start tomorrow.

TL: Huh?

BB: And the next day.

TL: Why?

BB: If we go with a normal schedule for you starters, we only stand to win 30 to 35 games this season. Like I said at the beginning, all of us in our own ways are going to have to sacrifice for the good of the team this year to become a winning ballclub. And we’re gonna need you to pitch in every game this year.

TL: Do they do fireworks after every win? Wooo, it’s finale time!!!

BB: Uh … yes Tim. Fireworks after every win.

TL: Sick!

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