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I don’t know if we’ll have enough time…

What am I doing over the next couple days? Actually, a pretty nice little weekend planned. Maybe check out the free samples at Costco and Trader Joe’s, I heard there’s a arthouse movie festival downtown…wait. That doesn’t sound right. This weekend is full of sports, sports and more sports. The next two-and-a-half days are proof that God loves us, and that rampant TV watching and ignoring one’s responsibilities are pursuits not to be mocked.

How will I fill my busy weekend? A dash of the NFL Draft, a heavy dose of Giants/Diamondbacks (what’s better, watching Timmy pitch tonight or seeing The Unit take on his former team?), toss in some Lakers/Jazz on Saturday, Game 5 of the Sharks series and maybe I’ll even get out of the house and check out Sunday’s dollar day at Golden Gate Fields. Because if you know one thing about your pal BASG, it’s that I never refuse a dollar hot dog. Or four of them. How about some links to get us ready for what should be a great couple days to spend on the couch:

–The Arizona Diamondbacks’ offense (.226/.294/.389) has been as bad as the Giants’ (.236/.299/.345), even though they’ve hit more than twice as many homers (16) as the Giants (7). No problem, Randy Winn’s so good in Phoenix he might hit 7 taters in this series. Was that some convincing fake optimism, or what! (McCovey Chronicles)

–When players are in contract years, they are often known to try harder and fight through injuries. When managers are in contract years, they answer fans’ questions on blogs run by beat writers. Bruce Bochy answers a few queries from concerned fans, including the announcement that Nate Schierholtz will start…once April is over. (Extra Baggs)

–Since the Giants have lost 5% of their overall value since last year according to Forbes, does that mean we’re stuck with this offense all season? (El Lefty Malo)

–Mock Draft No. 1: Niners beat writer John Crumpacker says the Raiders select Eugene Monroe while the 49ers grab…Knowshon Moreno??? (SF Gate)

–Mock Draft No. 2: Raiders beat writer David White has the Raiders getting Michael Crabtree and the Niners picking my guy, Michael Oher. I’ll take White’s draft, please. (SF Gate)

–Mock Draft No. 3: Raiders get B.J. Raji (Yukmouth would be stoked), Niners get Andre Smith. (NFL Mock Draft Aces)

–Mock Draft No. 4: Raiders: Andre Smith. 49ers: Jeremy Maclin. OK, that’s enough mock drafts for this year. (My NFL Draft)

–Well, just one more mock, but this one’s different. Matt Barrows predicts all nine of the 49ers’ draft selections, with a certain Ole Miss offensive tackle going in the first round. You know, I’ve always liked Barrows. (49ers Blog and Q&A)

–If you believe Matt Maiocco (and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t), there’s no way the 49ers take Aaron Maybin or Everette Brown, and they’ve spent a lot of time with Oher. (Instant 49ers)

–Kobe Bryant should have passed more since he was shooting worse than Baron Davis with a hangover (5-for-24), but it wasn’t as if the rest of the team was moving without the ball or anything. OK, maybe Lamar Odom was, but everyone else seemed pretty content watching Kobe try to hit 22-foot fallaways. And how about Andrew Bynum, with a Greg Oden-like 5 fouls in 7 minutes? And the Lakers still only lost by 2! What a weird game. (Forum Blue and Gold)

–And for all you gluttons (for punishment, and a sport that should never be played professionally in California), the opening words after last night’s pathetic (from what I heard, I don’t watch the Sharks) 4-0 loss to the Mighty Ducks:

Sick. Of. This.

This game was practically an elimination game, and the Sharks played like a team that didn’t care. (Fear The Fin)

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