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I wanna be like Matt Maiocco

In news only shocking because it took so long, Matt Maiocco recently announced he was leaving the Press Democrat for other opportunities (cough … Comcast Bay Area … cough). What this means is he’s probably the latest local media personality to be swallowed up by the growing media empire in downtown San Francisco, and we’re about to see A LOT more televised Maiocco.

Whether it means we’re done with watching Da Mayor pay more attention to what the Niners were wearing on the postgame show than the actual game … I’m not sure. Hopefully it does.

While Maiocco did his best to feign blog-tears regarding his exodus from the world of newspapers, I cannot wait to write a similar post on my way to a paid gig:

Dear loyal readers of Bay Area Sports Guy,

Today is the last time you’ll read my ramblings on this website. Oh, you’ll still be able to read my thoughts on stingy ownership groups, overused cliches and awful KNBR commercials, but it’ll be on a site that I am given a paycheck to write for. That’s right, I’m getting PAID. And instead of just typing on the computer, you’ll be able to see my handsome mug on TV. That’s right: multimedia, bitches. Bet you didn’t know the BASG had crossover appeal. Or that he started talking in the third person. That’s what happens when you get to rub shoulders with Matt Steinmetz and Damon Andrews on a regular basis. Garry St. Jean too, don’t even front.

And so on.

Just saying I’d love to be Maiocco. Tons of access. A constant stream of radio interviews where you’re treated like an able-bodied Stephen Hawking simply due to your ability to predict who’ll replace the Niners’ injured left guard next Sunday. Getting congratulated for regularly updating your blog, even though you’re paid to do so. When’s the last time anybody congratulated me on writing 2-13 posts per week since 2008? Never, that’s when. It must feel good to have that kind of admiration and respect.

Trivia Time!

— Since 47-year-old Jamie Moyer’s starting against the Giants tonight, can you name the oldest member of the Giants’ 40-man roster? How ’bout the A’s? Answers at the bottom.

— The best sportswriter in the country, with his thoughts on Kobe Bryant’s skills in the field of game management.

— For those who like to paint the tired picture of Kobe Bryant the villain vs. LeBron the good guy, check out below how LeBron treats this Chicagoland ballboy. That’s some Barry Bonds s—, right there. You know, except the fact that Bonds gets called out for HIS steroid use. Just kidding, just kidding (sort of).

Patrick Mills is tripping BALLS right now.

— El Lefty Malo (Affeldt?) wonders whether those crying for a certain Fresno catcher/sometimes-1B realize Buster Posey isn’t actually a power hitter yet.

— Oldest Giant is Guillermo Mota (8/25/73). Oldest Athletic is Mark Ellis (6/6/77). Only three A’s (Ellis, Eric Chavez and Justin Duchscherer) are older than I am. Gotta go, I’m off to the Audi dealership to recapture my youth with a new convertible. Actually, at my BASG salary I should probably go with a Scion instead.

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