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Now that BASG officially stands for “Bay Area Sports Girls,” it’s time to insert a little testosterone into the proceedings. Yes, I’m back from my six-day trip to Amsterdam and Paris, and I’m glad to be home. Both cities were great to visit, but the Euro would have been my financial undoing if I stayed there any longer. Not that I bought one, but in Paris a Venti coffee at Starbucks — not a latte, but a plain old coffee — was over five Euros, which I think equates to $471.

Plus, I got tired of hearing about and seeing Barack Obama all the time. Enough is enough, people — he’s our president, not yours. Get your own transcendent figure.

All kidding aside, not only was it great to visit Europe for the first time in over a decade, but it was awesome that the site was in such great hands while I was gone. Merci beaucoup to Clairifornia for her ode to sports and politics. The fact that Obama’s building a basketball court about a half-court shot away from the Oval Office shows a true changing of the (off) guard in the White House. Get it? Alright, fine guys. You try hitting a home run on every joke after traveling for 20 hours.

The first thing I said when I got back to San Francisco wasn’t, “Thank God it isn’t a rainy 10 degrees Celsius anymore,” or “I miss having four tablespoons of mayo on everything.” It was more like, “Anthony Morrow?!?! 37 points and 11 rebounds? 15-for-20?” I didn’t get to see the Warriors smash the Clippers last night (How’s that movie career going, Baron?), but it looks like Don Nelson may have found another Kelenna Azubuike.

So what else happened while I was gone? USC avenged last year’s upset by Stanford yesterday when they crushed them 45-23, Mike Singletary kept his pants on, DeMarcus Nelson and Richard Hendrix got sent to the D-League, Matt Holliday is now officially an Athletic (nice job, Billy Beane, who got rid of the BP-throwing Huston Street in the process … my sympathies go to Dan’s in Walnut Creek, however, who might have to close their doors after losing such a valuable customer) and Tim Lincecum won the NL Cy Young!


To think I was worried. Huh, that sounds familiar. 23 out of 32 first-place votes, with the other 9 spread amongst Brandon Webb, Johan Santana and C.C. Sabathia. That’s the great thing about the Internet age. 15 years ago, most of the writers throughout the country would have either looked at Webb’s victory total or all the coverage of Sabathia on ESPN and go with one of those two. Nowadays, with all the baseball-related blogs and news sites, fantasy baseball and numerous pitching statistics that go beyond wins and ERA that have gained in popularity, Lincecum’s masterpiece of a season wasn’t just appreciated by all of us around here, even though the Giants weren’t exactly major players in 2008.

One last bit of news that was passed on to me both by SGL and Upper Deck Dave was that Lincecum will also be the cover athlete for MLB 2K9. I’m hoping if I play my cards right, that I might be able to meet Lincecum when they start hyping the game, which should be shortly. If I somehow get that gig, I’ll let you guys know and solicit questions from the BASG audience to ask Timmy. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Morrow’s breakout performance wasn’t the only thing making me feel woozy after flying across the Atlantic. The 49ers are currently leading 35-3 over the Rams at halftime, and look downright competent on offense and defense. I haven’t totally lost it; I know the Rams were down 40-3 to the Jets last week at halftime and the 49ers should take this with a grain of salt. Still, it’s hard not to say the 49ers look a lot stronger after the bye week than they did before it.

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