Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock tweets racist joke about Jeremy Lin


Unlike Tony Bruno’s remark about supposed “illegal alien” Ramon Ramirez, Fox columnist Jason Whitlock isn’t even going to delete this tweet. He typed up and pressed “send” on the tweet above in the aftermath of Jeremy Lin scoring 38 points with 7 assists on national television against the Los Angeles Lakers, and Whitlock is going to ride this thing out. Because that’s what Whitlock does.

I got a buddy (my best man, actually) who frequently says, “He’s getting laid tonight!” after an athlete has a dominating performance. It’s pretty much always funny, because it’s harmless and probably true. Also, it’s never motivated by race.

In the right company, Whitlock’s tweet could be funny. Like if you’re hanging out in a living room with Sarah Silverman, Louis C.K., Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan and John Rocker.

Professional troll

Whitlock’s Twitter background reads: “I speak truth to power. Black people think i’m a sellout. White people think i’m a racist. I think i’m too honest. My perspective is for people unafraid to think and willing to challenge their own biasesPS It also doesn’t hurt if you like to laugh.”

At this moment, he’s probably either patting himself on the back for becoming a national story, or worrying about damage control. Probably the former, since he works at Fox. A little inflammatory language based on ugly stereotypes is just par for the Rupert Murdoch empire.

And here I thought some Knicks fan’s “Yellow Mamba” sign was the most racist thing we’d see this evening…

Whitlock’s either fearless (he doesn’t care what others think) or absolutely afraid of losing the role as “MOST INFLAMMATORY COLUMNIST WHO EVER LIVED.”

Or, just impulsive and easily amused at his own tired material.

I’ve read several Whitlock columns over the years. Some great, some transparently contrarian, all thought-provoking. That’s the problem with the Lin tweet above. He’s written some pretty questionable 140-characters-or-less outbursts over the years, and while I’m pretty tough to offend in most circumstances, I was pretty disgusted tonight. Mostly due to the outright racism, but the laziness didn’t help.

It takes one to know one!

It seems like some people are a little too ready for “Linsanity,” with Knicks fans chanting “M-V-P” for a guy who played a grand total of 54 minutes this season before this 4-game stretch of awesomeness (although awesome it has been: 28.5 ppg and 8 apg). Others aren’t ready at all, like Whitlock.

When someone uses homophobic slurs and/or acts like life as we know it would be over if gay people enjoyed equal rights, I always wonder, “Why is this person so vehemently against what others do in the bedroom? Is it because they’re uncomfortable with their own urges?” Ted Haggard TOTALLY disagrees with this line of thinking…

Perhaps Whitlock himself is challenged in a certain anatomical region. Forget guys who drive exotic sports cars or giant pickup trucks jacked up to the moon. When a guy makes “small dick” jokes, particularly racial ones, my first thought often is, “Maybe the one tweeting these tired attempts at humor is upset because he hasn’t seen his in 15 years without the help of a couple mirrors.”

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