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No “apology” from Harbaugh today (plus what might be the scariest post-49ers Harbaugh scenario)

Jim Harbaugh press conference

Jim Harbaugh appeared to enjoy himself during this afternoon’s press conference, which shows a personality trait of his that probably drives his bosses crazy. With the team looking likely to miss the playoffs, and the relationship between Harbaugh and the 49ers brass so far gone, Jed York and Trent Baalke would probably appreciate a little contrition from their head coach.

Not gonna happen.

“It’s our job to move on without excuse, without apology and get it right. Make it right,” said Harbaugh, who by my count said “make it right” or “get it right” at least 10 times during today’s Q&A session.

“Do you want to be back here next year?” asked San Francisco Chronicle reporter Eric Branch (who’ll join us on our next BASGcast tomorrow afternoon).

“What I want is to attack this week and get it right,” said Harbaugh, who maintained that he doesn’t worry about his future.

How about Greg Roman’s future? Is he still the team’s offensive coordinator?

“Yes. I have unwavering support for all our coaches and our players.”

So that’s that. Let’s move on, before Harbaugh and the 49ers do the same.


Those who loved York’s tweet, and think he was well within his rights to apologize for his team’s performance, are going to get their knickers in a bunch yet again. That’s because I’m going to harp on his social media outburst one more time. Harbaugh said it was “not significant” whether he spoke with York since the 49ers’ most recent loss to Seattle, but he’s very careful with his words. The use of “without apology” was a direct shot at York’s Twitter apology.

I know I’ll get some overripe tomatoes hurled at me in the comments, but I’ll go down swinging on this one. York made a grave error in tweeting his displeasure when he did, and here’s how this is probably going to go down.

1. Harbaugh will not accept a trade to another team (something I wrote about yesterday).

2. The 49ers will fire Harbaugh.

3. Harbaugh will stay in the NFL, and as one of the hottest coaches on the market in several years, he’ll choose the best situation.

The “best situation” will be decided based on several things: roster, location, control and spite.

Harbaugh’s next stop: Los Angeles?

There are a number of teams that fit the bill. Both New York teams would probably love to sign Harbaugh. If the Dallas Cowboys fall short of the playoffs (they’re currently the No. 7 seed in the NFC), Jerry Jones could come calling. We all know about the Raiders angle, and there are several teams (teams with more talent than Oakland) that could look to make a change. They include (but are not limited to) Atlanta, Miami, Chicago and … St. Louis.

Bile creeps into the throats of 49ers fans whenever they think about Harbaugh resurrecting the Silver and Black. But the team that should worry the 49ers most may be the one considered most likely by some to move to Los Angeles. A team that has beaten the Seahawks, 49ers and Broncos this season. A team that’s a quarterback away from playoff, or perhaps even title contention. A team that’s in the NFC West, which would force York and Baalke to face Harbaugh twice every season.

If Harbaugh became the next coach of the Rams, he’d get a chance to stick it to York, Baalke and Pete Carroll at the same time, all while remaining in a favorable location for his family if the franchise moves back to Southern California. He’d get to choose the team’s next quarterback, and if he brought Vic Fangio over, the defense would probably be good enough to win eight games on its own. Tre Mason doesn’t look too shabby either — just ask the Raiders, who have a lot more questions to answer than the Rams if they want to be seen as Harbaugh’s best next job.

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