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John Bowker gets moved up, LeBron gets rejected

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— John Bowker got pulled from tonight’s game after his first at-bat in Fresno, and is likely getting promoted to the Giants. Henry Schulman thinks Ryan Sadowski will be sent down, but you have to wonder if Nate Schierholtz hurt his chances to keep the right field job by going 0-for the entire Marlins series. (The Splash)

— Here’s the story: LeBron gets dunked on by some college guy from Xavier at his own basketball camp, it gets videotaped by a freelancer, and Nike steals the tape. I guess they didn’t want us witnessing reverse-posterization…it’s not like LeBron’s shoes sell anywhere near as well as Air Jordans as it is. (Deadspin)

— Amare Stoudemire: “Why go to Golden State and try to rebuild there when I can stay here and rebuild here? The situation didn’t make total sense to me. I think the Suns are trying to make the best decision for them so I’ve got to deal with it.” Oh yeah, this can’t lose. If he ends up traded to the Warriors, Stoudemire’s inevitable exit a year earlier will rival the awkwardness of Chris Webber’s first time leaving and Latrell Sprewell’s exile after choking P.J. (Arizona Republic)

— Darren Rovell, who usually is pretty good, seems to have a bone to pick with Lance Armstrong. I don’t think Armstrong is the patron saint of all he surveys either (after all, the guy’s dated Sheryl Crow, an Olson twin and probably Matthew McConaughey…not that I’m judging). However, so what if he rides for a team sponsored by businesses in Kazakhstan? Instead of making some Borat jokes and just backing off, Rovell seems to think Armstrong should improving Kazakhstan’s postal service and ending poverty over there. Then you see that he penned a letter asking Armstrong not to enter the Tour, and is now eating his words as Armstrong sits in a virtual tie for first place. (CNBC)

— For anyone who hasn’t heard “Michael Michael (Michael Jackson Tribute)”, Ron Artest’s song (Thug ballad? Coffin rhymes? Still not sure how to classify it) about Michael Jackson, here it is. Artest sort of sounds like a repetitive version of The Game, only more stoned. (Fear The Beard)

— Will the 49ers play harder in their preseason game against Denver, where Mike Nolan’s the defensive coordinator? Actually I don’t really care at all, but what did catch my eye here was that Nolan prepared more for last season’s preseason game against the Packers to prevent Aaron Rodgers from coming into the Stick and dominating. (Matt Maiocco)

In England it’s believed that Joe Montana is the best (American) football player of all time. Is he even the best player in the history of the Niners? (Niner Nation)

— Vote Panda for Cat Owner Of The Year! Voting ends Thursday at 1pm PST, and the Grand Prize is a year’s supply of Fancy Feast! (Cat Fancy)

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