Buster Posey

Just another normal summer day in San Francisco

They’re all like this, aren’t they? Just another standard hot August day and night here in the city! Where baseballs soar from the yard in the evening like the stars shooting over our head through clear skies at night. Next to the gigantic full moon…

I’m not into astrology (don’t know much…biology), but things are topsy-turvy around here. The landscape downtown today was nothing but tank tops, jorts and sundresses; I even saw an adult male eating a bright blue snowcone on Market and McAllister. And after the dreariest summer I’ve ever experienced (and I grew up in Eureka, where the average temperature in July is 59 degrees), my body was not ready for this kind of heat. All I was missing on my walk home was a mustache, a leisure suit and a carton of milk so I can stumble around with my bad-choice beverage.

And down on 3rd and King, Freddy Sanchez spent the evening singlehandedly proving wrong my idea that he should hit second in the Giants’ order with his second consecutive 4-hit night and a homer. Pablo Sandoval hit his 11th homer and about 8 other rockets this evening, and the Giants won by the ludicrous score of 16-5 over the Cincinnati Reds, who have to be wondering if they flew to the wrong city.

And then there’s Buster Posey, who went 1-for-5 but the home run he hit proved once again that he’s the best No. 2 hitter in baseball. I still believe that the only time Posey should be hitting second is during NL All-Star Games, but Bruce Bochy has to keep this lineup intact until it stops hitting like an MTV Rock ‘n Jock softball team.

The heat got to Jonathan Sanchez, who was quickly brushed aside in the 5th inning when it looked like this game would never end. But on a game when Ramon Ramirez picked up a fair ball in the bullpen and nobody really cared, it doesn’t seem worth it to worry about Sanchez, who simply cannot dominate in consecutive outings. For the Reds it was neverending, as the lingering heat meant every ball carried at least 20 feet further than it would have normally.

Full Moon Fever

— Only fitting that on a night like this the Giants tied the Phillies — who lost in 4-2 in 16 innings to the Astros — in something called the wild card.

— What’s more surprising — Freddy’s night or the fact that the Giants scored 16 runs with Pat Burrell going 0-for-3 with a walk and a run?

— Here’s how good Travis Wood was before today: he gave up 7 ER in 4 innings with 9 Giants reaching base, and his WHIP is still 0.98 and his ERA is 3.38. When did the Giants start hitting lefties they’ve never seen like this? Tonight was that kind of night.

— Hopefully for the Giants Jose Guillen has a sore quad he wanted to rest, because otherwise the Cody Ross deal (and the fact that Ross started in his first full night with the team, keeping Guillen on the bench) is just the type of thing that has pissed him off in the past. Hard not to like how Ross has looked so far, although scoring 27 runs over two games would make Meg Whitman look good as the team’s new right fielder.

— Tomorrow’s going to be a hot one as well, and then temperatures start to cool off a little as it’s going to be … 55 degrees on Saturday?! 54 DEGREES ON SUNDAY?!?!?!?! Guess we can expect fog, wind and single-digit scoring from the homeboys against Arizona. You know, the usual.

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