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KNBR keeps adding insiders; Radnich ‘interviews’ Giants blogger on KRON

I have no idea what Henry Schulman and Andrew Baggarly think of each other, but now they’re both under the KNBR umbrella. After I wondered if Schulman was KNBR’s first choice to be their Giants “insider,” KNBR announced this morning that they’ve added Baggarly and SF Gate’s Kevin Lynch as their fourth and fifth insiders. Baggs and Lynch join Schulman, Matt Barrows (49ers) and Mike Silver (NFL) as KNBR seeks to reassert their dominance after 95.7 “The Game” added five insiders a few weeks ago.

Side note: if KNBR’s having trouble finding a Warriors insider after Matt Steinmetz hooked up with 95.7, I’m available. I’ll take my payment in Lagunitas, coupons to Hog Island (to make my wife happy) and gold bullion.

Meanwhile, KNBR veteran Gary Radnich is on vacation, although he’s been on KRON all week (hmmm) and last night he interviewed a good friend of BASG, Julian Levine. Levine is the owner/writer/stats wizard of Giants Nirvana, which used to be called Splashing Pumpkins (which reminds me, I need to update my blogroll), and he went on with Radnich last night to talk about FIP, SIERA, WAR and other advanced statistical acronyms — or so he may have thought.

Levine handled himself well with Radnich, who seemed like he prepared for the interview by thinking, “Stats blog, huh? Wasn’t Moneyball about stats? I’ll ask about Billy Beane, and I’ll ask about whether the KRON demographic would read his blog, then I’ll ask about myself.”

Like most 18-year-olds, Levine doesn’t watch a ton of KRON. And after admitting that fact, Radnich “forgot” his name and called him “Justin.” To his credit, Levine didn’t shrug off the error. Here’s the video:


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