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Lions’ interest in Sammy Watkins makes them a potential Raiders trade partner

The Oakland Raiders traded back in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft to get the guy they had at the top of their draft board while also obtaining extra draft picks. Given the fact that the Raiders still have a large number of needs throughout their roster, they could very well trade back in the first round again this year. The question is whether or not they can find a team willing to pay the price necessary to jump to the number five spot. Since this year’s draft is so deep, many teams will likely prefer to stay put since they can get value at most first round draft positions.

watEnter the Detroit Lions.

The key to a trade is finding a team that has fallen in love with one of the top five guys and sees them as the missing piece. The Lions, who have the 10th pick overall, reportedly have interest in Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins. While Watkins may not even be on the board by the time the Raiders pick, if he does fall to them it would present the opportunity to stay in the top ten while also picking up additional picks.

As many know, when teams trade draft picks they often refer to a pick value chart, where each pick in the draft is given a point value. While the values are not set in stone, they do provide a framework for determining how much a team might be able to get in a trade back. The number five pick in the draft has a value of 1,700 points. The number 10 pick held by the Lions has a value of 1,300 points. This means the Raiders will try and obtain picks valued at 400 points in addition to the number 10 pick if they trade back with the Lions. The second round pick held by the lions (number 45 overall) is valued at 450 points. Depending on how badly the Lions want Watkins, they may be willing to “overpay” by this minimal amount to land him. Otherwise, they could pair their third round pick (number 76 overall) which is worth 210 points with their fourth round pick (number 111 overall) valued at 72 points and their sixth round (number 189 overall) which is worth 15.8 points as well as a late round pick in next year’s draft.

Either way, a trade back to the number 10 spot could be ideal for the Raiders. They can still land a game-changing talent at that point in the draft while also setting themselves up to improve more of the team with additional picks in later rounds. As hard as it may be to pass up taking one of the top five players in the draft, it may be the better part of valor to do so if they can fetch the right price for the pick.

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