Luke Walton has a stalker, and it isn’t Kobe

Luke Walton can sleep well at night, because Stacy Elizabeth Beshear is behind bars. Or in a room getting questioned. Or released on her own recognizance. I’m really not sure, and I don’t care too much.

Deadspin was able to come up with a picture of Ms. Bashear, and the results aren’t pretty. One gets the feeling that the difference between “stalker” and “groupie” is directly related to the attractiveness of the chaser to the chasee. For someone like Walton who is used to riding dirty with the likes of Britney Spears, looking out the car window and seeing this woman pretending to fake shoot you with her hand is hardly enticing. I love this quote from Walton:

“I would drive out, and I would see her peeking through. It would suck, because I know I’m leaving my home, and I know she’s still there. What am I supposed to do? Is she planning on breaking in? Am I going to come home one day and she’s sleeping in my bed? Is she going to steal my dog?”

Um Luke, where do you live? Do you have some five-foot high fence protecting the backyard where your pooch hangs out? And she’s going to sleep in your bed? Aren’t you a mediocre NBA player with a few million in the bank? Ever heard of a burglar alarm? And what’s the deal with that tattoo on your arm, anyway? Did you get that purely to get chicks, or are you really that into Pearl Jam? Cause it sucks. Not as much as barbed-wire/tribal around your bicep, but pretty close.

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