March Madness Contest update: I’m the worst at this (and I’m blaming a sports talk show host)


I picked the Wichita State to win the championship. Why? Because for some reason I listened to smarmy Doug Gottlieb rip everyone who believed the previously-undefeated Shockers should be a No. 1 seed, a rant I listened to while we drove back from Mendocino on President’s Day.

gottliebIn case you needed an explanation for why I listened to Gottlieb by choice (I don’t blame you for wondering): KNBR was playing CBS Radio stuff all day, I was too lazy to replace the CD we had listened to twice in a row, and I was the moron who declined the MP3 option back when I bought my car in 2006.

I heard Gottlieb bitch about Wichita State’s strength of schedule during a “CBS Sports Minute” a couple weeks later, and there you had it. My awful choice was cemented weeks before the Tournament started. Beats watching dozens of regular season college basketball teams on TV, I guess.

The good news: because my prognostication skills are so pathetic, I won’t knock anyone out of the top three in the BASG March Madness NCAA Tournament Super-Duper Bracket Contest Extravaganza. Not that I’d accept one of our prizes, because that’d be totally lame.

(I totally would’ve accepted one of the prizes.)

Here’s the Top 10 as of now, led by my aunt Marian. She also picked Wichita State, so she has no chance to win this thing either:

top 10

Since Yahoo hates us — I’m still not sure why all their sports content has that dark background these days — I have to manually go through the rankings to see who has the most POSSIBLE points remaining. Because that’s the true measure of how well we’re doing, until today’s Sweet 16 games happen and the rankings change again.

  1. These ‘Hoos Ain’t Loyal: 174
  2. Randle from Way Downtown: 172
  3. RC’s Burst ot Trurst Bracket: 170
  4. Bracket #666: 170
  5. Chris’s Choice Bracket: 170
  6. MGM’s Mediocre Madness: 170
  7. Hutch’s Remarkable Bracket: 169
  8. Lazzamachete: 168
  9. Princess Anna of Arendelle: 167
  10. Brian’s Bold Bracket: 167

My possible points are a laughable 95, which means two things — I have the predictive skills of an infant, and that know-it-all Gottlieb was right. I might need to actually watch some college hoops next season.

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