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Mark Purdy is not impressed

According to Ballpark Digest, the A’s have a much better chance of building a waterfront ballpark near Jack London Square than they do in San Jose. Apparently Major League Baseball likes cities that have redevelopment money, even if Lew Wolff has been drooling over the Silicon Valley for what seems like forever. Why the headline? Because Purdy’s been on a years-long crusade to bring the A’s to San Jose, and this could be a major blow.

Good for Oakland. San Jose’s a nice clean city, but they need the influx of entertainment dollars and goodwill that a new ballpark can give to a decaying urban region (China Basin, hello!). San Jose has plenty of tech jobs to keep them warm. Oakland has a 40% high school dropout rate. To say that a new ballpark would really affect either of these things is foolish, but my point is that Oakland’s future could be a lot brighter if this report is true.


— Until I hear differently, I’m assuming Brandan Wright’s back injury is bogus. Ever since getting his “chance” to play after Wilson Chandler chomped down on David Lee’s elbow, which resulted in one start where he only played 15 minutes, he’s been M.I.A. with a lower back strain. No sign of him for 11 games, no public comments from anyone. Now, I’m a guy who’s had his fair share of back troubles, but the only thing I’ve heard about Wright in two weeks is that he’s on the block. Not one word about his medical progress, while every time Ekpe Udoh practices free throws it’s news. Interesting.

— Even though I got a little access last week, I have no idea what’s going on here so perhaps Wright really is injured. The only thing we know for sure is when Chris Cohan forced the J-Rich trade to save $10M on an exception he never had any chance of losing, it was the beginning of the end for the We Believers.

Brian Wilson is on something called VYou, where he answers questions from “you” about stuff like being a Ninja and his dog Dubz (which Wilson seems about a week away from involving in a small dog feud with Lou, Joel McHale’s dog that he frequently features on “The Soup”).

Bill Simmons is going to do color commentary for ESPN (duh) on Friday night when the Warriors host the Heat. Who wants to bet on the first time he compares Andris Biedrins’ old hairstyle to Ivan Drago, or when he compares Monta to the final scene from Teen Wolf when he starts ballhogging? I got the 1st quarter on Biedrins/Drago, and 4th quarter with 4 minutes remaining on Monta/Wolf.

— Oh who am I kidding … he’s going to spend the entire second half comparing LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to Brock Landers and Chest Rockwell.

— Simmons getting the chance to gab courtside is yet another example of TV execs handing color analyst jobs to writers who’ve never played anything, taking good announcing jobs away from deserving former athletes. What a shame.

— In response to Urban Meyer’s resignation and the immediate speculation that he’d be the next coach of the Denver Broncos because the NFL needs to sell more Tebow jerseys, Tony Bruno mentioned how the 49ers were going to hire Dave Wannstedt this morning with Gary Radnich. Thanks a lot, Bruno, due to your joke I almost puked all over my desk here at work. Not funny.

— I for one can’t believe the Yankees are interested in signing Carl Crawford and Cliff Lee. What ever happened to fiscal responsibility in baseball?

Oh yeah.

— From Matt Maiocco:

Best reaction about the 49ers’ change at quarterback comes from second-year receiver Michael Crabree. He said he learned Tuesday night in a text message from his father that Alex Smith would replace Troy Smith as quarterback.

“At this point, I’m pretty much done with surprises,” Crabtree said.

The only question: is “surprises” Crabby’s nickname for Alex or Mike Singletary?

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