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Mick Foley to Tom Tolbert after mistakenly going on KNBR instead of 95.7: “You have better ratings”

As you can see in the tweet above, Damon Bruce expected to chat with wrestling legend Mick Foley at 5 pm. So how was KNBR able to post this photo of Cactus Jack with Tom Tolbert and Ray Ratto midway through the five o’clock hour?

It turns out that Tolbert was walking through the halls between segments, ran into Dude Love and brought him in for an impromptu interview. Midway through the segment, while Tolbert was reminiscing about Foley landing on a pile of tacks from about 20 feet above the canvas, Foley remembered where he was supposed to be.

Foley: You know what I just realized, Tom? I’m in the wrong sports station.

Tolbert: What?

Foley: I just saw that I’m supposed to be on a different sports station. And uh, it’s my bad. I didn’t know.

Tolbert: Hey, lucky for us! Lucky for us!

Foley: It’s the perfect excuse, too. Head injuries. So if the station’s upset with me, how am I supposed to know? I’m wandering down the hallway, I see Tom Tolbert, he has a sports show, I walk in, welcomed. I didn’t know. Head injuries.

Tolbert: You thought, “Hey, it’s Tom!”

Foley: It just so happens that you have better ratings than the other station. It’s my bad, man. It can happen to anybody. Sorry guys. If you’re tuning into Tom’s show, it’s Mick Foley, and I’m supposed to be on your show. Sorry about that, brother.

KNBR producer Brian “Primetime” Smith got a photo with Foley, too.

Mankind did end up going on Damon Bruce a little while later. Here’s how it went after he walked into the studio in the early part of the six o’clock hour (about eight minutes in).

Bruce: About an hour late, but no big deal at all, we’re very happy to welcome into the studio, Mick Foley. Great to see you, man. I’m Damon Bruce, how are ya?

Foley: I have a very good reason for being late. I was shopping for your birthday.

Bruce: Oh, stop (fake laughter)

Foley: Got some goodies in there, I think that’s a very good excuse …

Bruce: Are you serious?

Foley: Yeah, as is going on the wrong sports show.

Bruce: That’s OK.

Foley: Things happen. You run into somebody, you assume he has a sports show …

Bruce: There you go. You figure the guy with the sports show is probably the guy with the sports show you need to be on. Look at that! That’s a bottle of bourbon, from where I’m from. Thank you very much. Whichever person in the office gave this to you to give to me did a great job.

Foley: (Mock confusion) What? What?

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