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Monta Ellis hurts his other ankle

The Warriors can’t win for losing…players. Every game it’s another guy grabbing his ankle and hobbling off the floor, and last night it was the ironman. Monta Ellis hurt his “other” ankle this time, so at least we know the guy will finally enjoy some physical symmetry. Because as everyone knows, two hurt ankles equals one healthy one. Or something.

At least that means Ellis won’t have to play every second of every game for at least a couple days, because it’s impossible for Don Nelson to overuse players who aren’t at the game. Instead, Nellie will take out his coaching aggressions on Stephen Curry, who somehow played all 48 minutes last night in a 32-point win over the Nets.

Wait, what?

Something tells me Nelson should have been a musher at the Iditarod, where dogs are routinely forced to run in the snow to the point of exhaustion and/or death. On the front end of a back-to-back, you may not want to play your only guard without a second of rest against the worst NBA team in my lifetime, a team that should think about adding that British kid who schooled Devin Harris on YouTube a couple years ago. But Nellie, fearing a world where Cartier Martin or Corey Maggette might have to bring the ball up the floor against Keyon Dooling or Yi Jianlian, made sure Curry was in there at all times. Sure, Curry scored 32 points, dished 7 assists and had 4 steals, but at what cost?

I think we all can now predict what’s going to happen tonight in Phoenix without Monta. Curry’s going to play all 48 minutes in slow-motion, regardless of the score (unless he fouls out), Maggette is going to score 25-35 points and the Warriors are going to lose by at least 15. Hey, win by 32 one night, lose by 32 the next. Like Monta’s ankles, it’s the kind of symmetry that has epitomized this Warriors season.

Lanks and thangs…

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– Maybe I should hold off on that blowout prediction for tonight; the Suns’ defense may be worse than Golden State’s. (Bleacher Report)

– This mock draft (and every other one you’ll find) has John Wall going to the Nets at No. 1. If the Warriors won the draft lottery (and since they have the 3rd-worst record in the league, it’s not out of the question at all), it’s going to be interesting to see if the W’s trade Monta, Steph or the pick. (Hoop Doctors)

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